Grill on the Go for my Classic Land Cruiser (1976 FJ40)

Introducing my newest project vehicle: a 1976 FJ40 Land Cruiser! Thanks to @Goodyear for sponsoring this video and the first big project for this Land Cruiser. Go to and use code ILTMS15 at checkout to get 15% off any online tire purchase!

Must purchase on before 06/01/2023 with applicable promotional code to get this offer. Discount applied to regular price on at time of purchase. Discount does not apply to installation, taxes, or fees where applicable. May be used in combination with Goodyear tire rebate offer. May not be combined with other promotional codes. Limit one redemption per transaction. Cannot be applied to previous purchases. Limited quantities, no rainchecks. All other standard terms and conditions apply. Offer may be modified or cancelled at any time without prior notice.

Goodyear is not responsible for the claims or activities of individuals of promoting products manufactured by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Goodyear makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, as to the planning, design and safety of the activities conducted herein.

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Grill on the Go for my Classic Land Cruiser

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17 Replies to “Grill on the Go for my Classic Land Cruiser (1976 FJ40)”

  1. Really cool project, Bob! I've been binging 'Making It' and enjoy hearing about all the new skills you've gained over the years. I'm excited to see you improve your aluminum TIG welding skills in a future video!

  2. So, wish you guys would just have a deal with Range Rover to build a "I.L.T.M.S." vehicle with this grill being 'standard' !
    I am looking forward to how you tune up this @Toyota, but, I'ld love a set of new wheels with these perks !
    To be honest, a deal with @Toyota would be even better ! Dependable beasts they are !

  3. A great idea Bob! I just put a complete set of Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs on my truck. Thank you for the promo code.

    This gives me some good ideas for modifying my truck thank you.

  4. Nice video! I will probably never in the foreseeable future have a project like this; however, I have learnt several things from this video. Things such as design process, how to transfer/template a hole pattern, and it's ok to change certain design elements along the way.
    I thought that cut-out pattern in the steel looked really nice with the red grill behind it. Did you cut it using your water-jet?

  5. Remember you talking about the aluminum to steel switch on the podcast a while back. Appreciate you showing that sometimes you have to change your plans. Nice job on the project.

  6. Love you guys and love the show. You guys keep me inspired. My 10 year old daughter loves watching too. She even built Bob’s bird house (from long ago). Keep up the good work!!!

  7. “The car needs a lot of work.”

    Most people: new brakes, oil change, remove rust…

    Bob: needs a grill BBQ

  8. Ive seen it in the comments, but yeah you need to pre heat aluminum if you dont have a spool gun

  9. Hey Bob, fellow Bob here…

    Love the project. Cool build.

    Two quick questions.

    1. How hard is it to get to the spare now? Is it a two person operation?

    2. Did you give any consideration to having a space for your gas bottles?

    As I said, super cool
    Project. Thanks as always.

  10. Great idea and execution. I think you'll find the steel set up will be fine. TIG on thin aluminum is a skill you'll develop, far faster than I will (gotta get a TIG first?). The guys who say you should mount the cook station behind the spare need to consider a couple of things. #1- which will be needed more often? My vote goes to the grill. #2- When was the last time you needed to use your spare? Yeah, not often these days with present day tire construction. Something you may consider, unfortunately, is some kind of anti-theft strap to keep from replacing the grill more often than desired.

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