Growing the Mulberry Tree – Spring Tree Shaping and Trimming for Maximum Fruit!

In this video I show you what ever bearing mulberry trees look like in Late January. Lots of fruit and young, new leaves in full bloom. Also, I share my methods for how to shape and prune the trees to produce easy to pick fruit without needing ladders. Check out my other mulberry tree videos to see how to grow these trees from cuttings. You can have an fruit grove in no time.

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21 Replies to “Growing the Mulberry Tree – Spring Tree Shaping and Trimming for Maximum Fruit!”

  1. From what I have read mulberry roots are very invasive and must be kept 30 feet away from foundations, water lines and septic systems. Do you think keeping it pruned small minimizes this problem some. I just got a dwarf variety I plan on growing in a half whisky barrel. But would love to propagate it to in ground if I Didn't have to worry about root so much…Thanks

  2. You should try coppicing the trees. Turns them into bushes. Much easier to control.

  3. Would love to see an actual demonstration of bending!

  4. But it's your tree and your choice
    How would anyone feel if a neighbor one day decided to cut your tree on your property
    Why you ask its because of the shade. I let our Mulberry tree grow and feed the birds and squirrels. All he cared about was growing some onions and Chinese bitter melon. He decided to do it when I was at work.

  5. 8 months back bought a Pakistani mulberry plant now its almost 6 feet tall and thin ,as I am growing in a pot should I trim the top to get branches to make it like a shrub——zone 9 what is the best time to trim?

  6. Wow thank you for sharing mulberry tree i dont know about this tree when i walking in my village i saw the malberry tree and thank you for info and the yutube so manny useful like medicine in Asia thankyou so much im from philippines the tropical place like Florida

  7. I planted a dwarf mulberry in partial shade last spring, now in autumn…full shade. The tree is growing pretty good, up to my shoulders. I don't know how mulberries transplant. Maybe I should relocate the tree to a sunny spot, or more sunny. Anybody transplant a mulberry tree?

  8. I also just picked up two dwarf mulberry- I'm trying to figure out how to train it so that it develops one trunk rather than several branches (like a crepe myrtle)?

  9. I grow many mulberry varieties. Last year I purchased a couple types of dwarf everbearing. I hope they grow like these I see in your video. I want to make a fence out of them.

  10. i got some cuttings 2yrs ago from someone in Fla
    they said it was an "Everbearing" tree.
    Last spring i had some nice tasting fruit. they were not huge,
    but, healthy and tasted good.
    They stopped producing until fall/winter.
    now i am getting just a few fruit from each tree
    and they are small and shriveled up.

    i doubt it is my soil.
    i grow papaya, guava, citrus, loquat, and a ton of other fruits
    my local red mulberry fruits great in the spring too.

    im wondering iof you know what might be the cause
    or, if you know a variety of everbearing that has good fall fruit ?

    By the way, i have a Pakastani i bought recently, its already 10ft tall,
    though still young and only 2-3 side shoots.
    i just topped it again… LOL they grow like weeds here in New Orleans…
    and i also am growing cuttings from a tree i found a mile from here
    that has huge very sweet and very flavorful fruit.
    i cant wait till i get some
    i just wish i could get fruit besides just springtime.

  11. I am planting the Hicks fancy variety in my yard tomorrow. Great video, thank you for taking the time to post.

  12. Hello, we live in Ft. Myers, SW Florida & have an Everbearing Mulberry Tree which is cascading beautiful, but we have the 1 main branch that is very long & also cascading. Can we cut that in 2 – 12 in sections & root tone it… We are afraid to cut that main branch & shock the tree, as now it is fruiting beautifully on it's 2nd year. Thank you….

  13. I'm planning to cut back my mulberry tree up to 4 to 5 ft tall, I've purchased it 2 years ago as a seedling and it has been growing fast that I couldn't reach its fruit.. but I'm afraid that it might go to shock and die…

  14. Another video! Thanks so much for all the updates. Looks like I'm going to need to find an ever bearing mulberry tree now.. LOL. Hopefully I'll run into some at the next local annual fruit tree sale. Seeing what you have created is really keeping me inspired to keep expanding. I've never had mulberries before, but I'm sure they are delicious. I just ate my 1st Papaya from my tree, and it was delicious… Really cant say thanks enough for your time & effort. Can't wait to see what you'll share with us next

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