GRWM Gym Girl Edition

Weekend gym sessions always hit differently when you’ve got that little bit more time. Moving your body is by far the best free luxury many of us have and so many people take for granted.

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29 Replies to “GRWM Gym Girl Edition”

  1. You put on some makeup. When you go to the gym, don’t you sweat it out? Just wondering. I sweat like a beast. Even my eyeliner gets off. ????

  2. Мне одной кажется, что она очень похожа на Галь Гадот?)))

  3. I am afraid of gym girls that out Make-up on before their workout
    I would sweat it all off ????
    Also that coffee cup was insanely cute!!!!

  4. These really help and motivate me because I’m such an angry potato in the morning and don’t want to get up for the gym ????

  5. It’s been 2-3 years since I watched you on instagram,she is not as shredded as she used to be ,she also seems more balanced but it’s just my opinion.Wish you the best love you worked very hard to get here

  6. Finally a “gym girl” who works out to be fit and healthy and not just obsessed with having a big ass

  7. As someone elsesaid I love watching shorts it's so inspiring ????????????????

  8. What a momemt was that !!! fixing the coat while looking at the wall.????

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