Hair Loss Story

Just wanting to share my story with all of you on where I’ve been and why I’m here today 🙂 Thank you all for subscribing and thumbs upping )

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  1. There’s was a young girl (5) in my church. She grew up completely bald. Her Mom took her for shots n treatments because her daughter wanted hair like her younger Sisters. Ultimately, she has grown into a secure, rounded, pretty young woman who wears caps and scarves and wraps etc for now. She, like you, have given me the courage to go bald. It’s hard for a beauty queen to lose her hair and her smile at the same time. But my son is getting me wigs and I’m having what’s left of my teeth removed (the meds killed my teeth). I’ll buy some new ones and they’ll be perfect just like my new wigs.
    Yours suits you to a tee! I’m sorry you’ve lost your hair. Mine was bra length and full but died too. We will all be just fine!

  2. Thank YOU! For sharing your story. I have the same issue and people put soo much emphasis on a woman’s hair.
    You are Gorgeous, please keep speaking out and encouraging others.

  3. Hello, I have very fine thin hair from my cancer childhood treatment .I hate it I had long thick dark hair much like your wig. I am 40 years old and tired of my hair I am going to try this any hints on were to get them I want one just like the one you have thanks 😊

  4. Thank you SO much for doing this video! God Bless you! I am a 48 year old Caucasian woman losing my hair after quitting birth control pills. Ive been mentally flipping out, self conscious, feeling so down and ugly. I realized that I better do something asap or I won't be leaving the house at all. I am considering a wig and what all that entails. Your video has helped me not feel alone AND that I can possibly be pretty again. You are beautiful and I so appreciate your help and advice. Thank you, you are a blessing

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for creating your YouTube channel. I am 29 and losing all my hair and it has been devastating until I found your channel! Thank you ☺️

  6. I have lost a lot of hair due to pcos and hypothyroidism so I can imagine the amount of stress it causes.I wonder why life is so unkind to some people?I know there are many other bigger problems but that doesn't make my suffering any lesser or smaller.There are so many things about which we can be thankful yet it hurts to lose something that you like.

  7. At this point right now after almost a decade with trick, and now hairline issues from so many years of only ponytails, and losing hair in clumps thanks to some recent chronic illnesses. I’m so nervous about going in a wig shop and just giving up…and going from only ponytails and buns ever to actually wearing it down for once.

  8. I bought a wig because my hair was short and curly. I wanted it long & straight. I couldn’t wear the wig without a day long headache.

  9. I really thought that was your hair! I'm going through the same thing. My hair has gotten so thin. It's so depressing! How comfortable is it to wear wigs? Does your scalp itch? What do you do with the lace! Do you have to glue it on?

  10. You don't even realize how much better you made me feel By watching this video! I am currently experiencing somewhat the same thing as you have and I am in the process of researching ways to thicken my hair but feel hopeless. I feel really encouraged after watching your video. You look beautiful in your wigs and without them

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