Have Sneakers Killed Off Heels For Good? | Rise And Fall

EDITOR’S NOTE: At 9:16 in a previous version of this video, we showed a photo of Jonathan Van Ness as the voiceover mentions “mens’ heels.” Jonathan Van Ness is non-binary and does not identify as a man. We have replaced the image with one of actor Billy Porter.

The pandemic seemed to have killed heels with sales falling by more than 60% But now, designers are bringing back five-inch heels. And we couldn’t help but wonder – are Manolos making a comeback?

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Have Sneakers Killed Off Heels For Good? | Rise And Fall

30 Replies to “Have Sneakers Killed Off Heels For Good? | Rise And Fall”

  1. Don't get me wrong, I own heels. But given the choice more often than not its sneakers or uggs. Though I'm not the most ladylike

  2. Killed off? No. More practical heels, e.g. more vintage inspired design where the heel curved around the shape of the wearer’s foot like heels from the 50s? More preferable.


  4. I love heels i don't know how to walk in them and have knee issues due to accident.

  5. Be strong , feminine , powerful and beautiful – don’t wear debilitating high heels ! Healthy and physically capable is beautiful and Gemini

  6. I have horrible foot problems fron high heels.
    I used to dance to disco in 4-5 inch heels and it took a toll.

  7. As a 28 year old woman with a mortons neuroma from years of wearing shoes that were too tight, I’m very happy with this 😂

  8. I love wearing high heels (with moderation ofc) and I don't think that they're gonna die off anytime soon.

  9. Heels will never die, they're feminine and elegant. Get a good pair of heels and you'll be able to spend the whole day in them without pain. So tired of seeing ugly sneakers everywhere, where they should be worn only for exercising, running brief errands, and long walks.

  10. I stopped wearing heels because I won’t risk having health issues later on only for someone random persons compliment that I look nice. I don’t see anyone wearing heels, only few ladies when walking from their office to the parking lot, but not in restaurants, shops, nowhere.

  11. When men wear these women hating stilettos themselves we'll talk. I could never walk in these and most can't walk in them. It's like puss on boots.

  12. I love heels! I have been wearing them since I was 12 years old! I can't imagine not wearing them at all! It makes you feel like a girl! I used to walk around in my Momma's heels as a little girl! My Mom taught me how to walk in them! I am not sure if I will ever stop wearing them❣️❣️👠👠👠👠

    I was never into sneakers unless I go to the park. As a nurse, I had to wear them but definitely not my preferred shoe choice to wear AT ALL! Nope❣️❣️ My Aunt wears the really high heels! I saw her collection! I am not sure if I could do 4 – 6 inches though❓❓ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me 🤦🤦 🤣🤣‼️

  13. People don't dress up anymore. People aren't paid well and everywhere is getting more casual

  14. Heels, especially closed toed ones aren't made for my feet. I have slim feet and long toes and shoes tend to be too wide with short toe boxes. The only comfortable close toed shoes I can wear are sneakers and boots. Sandals are my go-to feminine shoes, especially because I live in the Caribbean. I GREATLY prefer comfort over style these days.

  15. 5’9”. Haven’t worn heels since high school in the 80’s. Useless garbage that just wrecks our bodies.

  16. I definitely find myself wearing sneakers more than heels these days! When your feet hurt, YOU JUST DONT CARE!! I still try to look cute in my sneakers, but heels don’t appeal to me like they once did.

  17. just shows people got fatter, lazier, sloppy. If you want to look good, wear nice shoes. Tennis shoes will never make your legs look good.

  18. I wouldn't wear those things on a dare unless I had the urge to break my ankle. Not only dangerous but just plain ugly!

  19. I love my heels, honestly, and I won't stop wearing them. But I am extremely particular about heels and will not continue wearing them if they hurt. I also only wear them when traveling for work, or on days in the office (when I am mostly sitting anyways). They are a fun part of fashion and after years of being a bootcut and keds girl I love taking time to put together looks.

  20. A 2-3" heel is fine for every day but those 4-5" affected the future of a healthy spine!

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