He Farms 35 Hours a Week By Himself and Makes 6 Figures

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5 year ago, I met a guy named Andrew at a farm to table dinner. He told me about his market farming operation and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. Today, I finally got the chance to tour his ~1 acre market farm that he’s optimized to give him a work-life balance that many people would dream of.


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21 Replies to “He Farms 35 Hours a Week By Himself and Makes 6 Figures”

  1. That's absolutely awesome….gives me hope cuz I'm just starting out (alone) and man its a ton of work but still have a full time job too

  2. Loved this video ❤ Amazing garden and so much credit to you for building such a palace to grow in ???? I dream to have one of my own someday. It's tough to get garden beds in and greenhouses up with my injuries. With lots of patience, hard work and learning curves, it'll be mine one day lol ????

  3. Does he has a YouTube channel?,I will like to follow him and see what is going on that garden ???? ????

  4. Great video ! Thanks for posting !
    It seems almost impossible for one person to take care of all those beautiful plants, but he looks like a busy bee, so must be doable.
    Good compost is a must ! I ordered some good compost (truck load) one year and it was great ! Same place two years later , and the quality wasn’t that great anymore, and the price was almost double.
    I have a clay soil , so spreading about 6 inches of compost was a must for me.
    Good luck with your farm ! Keep expending ! Nothing taste better than homegrown veggies ❗️
    Good bless and stay healthy !

  5. Made a YouTube account for the first time just to say that I really love this video and would love to see more videos like it! Fascinated by how small farmers and large gardeners make their systems work!

  6. I enjoyed your video on Carrie Underwood’s greenhouse it was phenomenal ????????????????

  7. He keeps mentioning Monterey, but how far inland is Andrew's place? What altitude?

  8. Must be nice making 6 figures on less than 40 hours I work about 60 for 80k

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