He saved stone barn. Also built unreal villa under hillside

Gorka Ibargoyen bought an abandoned stone housebarn in the Bera Valley of Navarra and wanted to expand it to fit large gatherings without destroying the original character. With the help of architect friend Jordi Hidalgo Tané he went underground, building an annex to the primary home inside the adjacent hillside. Accessible via an all-glass corridor the addition is nearly invisible.

The cave-like addition resembles a fissure in a mountain, and that is what inspired Tané’s design, and is nearly invisible from the outside: it is accessible via a transparent, all-glass corridor. When looking at the model, Ibargoyen feared the hidden home might resemble a bunker, but the glass skylight in the green roof light combined with the long window running down the entire length of the structure brings in plenty of daylight to the subterranean shelter.

To unify the two structures, the used only glass, concrete, and wood for the interior, resulting in a concrete sink and a wooden shower. While the result is modern elegance, Ibargoyen insists it’s not a fussy home “Things are made to be used, and to show wear over time”, he explains and pointing to a wine stain on the cement countertop, he adds, “That is happiness”.

Landaburu Borda – Basque rural house

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  1. What a genius build! I am in complete awe with what they did! Magnificently done! Bravo! From Michigan. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Why would people build with concrete when theres sustainable regional building material abundant. Frankly, this annex 'approporiate for houseparties' is just another decadent example of a crime against nature.

  3. How could that pillar in the middle alone take all the weight of the roof? I didn't see any other pillars there!

  4. Kirsten Dirksen
    Ones most usefull interesting original etc YT channel…..
    Sankyü !

  5. Mr. Ibargoyen's architect friend, Jordi Hidalgo Tane, is a genius. I can't help but see the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright in this marvelous structure. I love the way that massive concrete ceiling seems to float over the space. The transition from the old structure (wonderfully restored) into the new is like a religious experience. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when Mr. Ibargoyen said some people said the concrete needed to be painted. Sad testament as to how society in general has become so influenced by the building/design trade's standards for the sake of profit.

  6. Beautiful. This is how architecture should be. A part of nature not an encroachment of it.

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