Her 25 Ft. DIY Bus Tiny Home Build for $10k – Unique Thrift Store Filled Beauty

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Kaetlynn, a pro ultimate frisbee player, and her husky pup Mako live in a DIY skoolie that usually finds its tires traveling the desert. She bought the rig for $3100 and spent about 10k to build it out in about a year and a half with her father’s help. Most of the interior was made using recycled material and reclaimed wood.

How do you know this girl loves to cook? She sacrificed clothing and extra storage for the sake of a large kitchen! This central area has a copper sink, marine fridge, and more spices than the average home. The bed is fixed with a large area underneath for Makos safe space, a garage, and more storage. Kaetlynn’s favorite spot of her entire tiny home is up on the roof deck with a drink, a sunset, and a deep breath.

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/girlandhusky/
Ultimates IG: https://www.instagram.com/az_sidewinders/

Shot by: @brian_bear_butler
Edited by: @brian_bear_butler

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27 Replies to “Her 25 Ft. DIY Bus Tiny Home Build for $10k – Unique Thrift Store Filled Beauty”

  1. Thank you for your advice. Because like you said the gut of the vehicle is very important

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    snowquen's is my idol.

    Hes the person i aspire to be, hes my light of day.

  3. Yes, Ma’am! Get behind the wheel, Ladies! Love her build. The perfect blend of functionality and beauty. So well organized. And her personality is positively Outstanding! The type of human you definitely want to sit down with around a fire, on a rooftop deck, with a beer or coffee and just get to know. Thank you for sharing her inspiring story! Bonus love for adorable dog with the best digs! Hooray for grandma mural! Happy Trails!

  4. Actually the dog food drawer is used quite a bit. Many of the builds I’ve seen where people have pets (generally puppers) they intentionally build dog food drawers so they aren’t running into them. Either in the front of the bus or somewhere in the kitchen area. I am just the opposite. Loathe cooking so a sink, marine fridge, induction cooktop (no gas for this chick) , and a good coffee pot! A few feet of counter space because you have to put all that stuff underneath it but otherwise—closet space!! Sweet build! Mako looks like a happy baby in his crate. Great that you could build with your dad. Those are times you never forget. Many happy and amazing journeys!! Vaya con Dios!!

  5. I love your bus and your dog. And, I just wanna say, you are the most, not annoying female bus lifer I have seen in a long time. Let me expound. They all are trying to be so cute. Showing too much body. Trying to sound smart, we can tell when they are not. Just to list a bit. Sorry, guess I’m just venting.

  6. OMG 😱 what a wonderful home on wheels 🚌❤️ you and your dad did an amazing job. This is such an awesome way to experience American and the world 🌍 🌎 I hope that you and your fur baby 🐕enjoy all of the beautiful adventures ahead of you. Thank you for sharing you home with all of us. Stay safe on your travels 😘❤️

  7. Leftist Google-owned YouTube and the rest of the corporate media — whose billionaire owners themselves live in veritable palaces — are pushing the “tiny home” idea as being “cool” to the sheeple. As their leader Klaus Schwab says, “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” P.S. That’s exactly what every genocidal communist leader from Lenin to Pol Pot to Fidel Castro said, too.

  8. A quick tip for the doing the dishes without water everywhere is a simple plastic tote, say 6” deep 18×24” or smaller, whatever dimensions work. Set it up right under your tap on the counter, do your dishes, small drying rack on the counter, empty the water and then put the dishes in the rack in the tote, leave on the counter to dry, or move as needed…use the tote for storage when not in use…..

  9. Many school and city bus drivers are women. Possibly less for those that live in buses.

  10. Beautiful build! I love that she did this with her dad. Those are memories neither of them will ever forget!

  11. Nice way you fix the bus up.
    Have you ever thought of writing a book about your bus travels.

  12. Maybe consider a pop out basin from Ikea for washing dishes then pour out the water either into your sink or an appropriate outside drain.

  13. Thank you so much for your advice! LOVE the dog crate space and will incorporate that and the bowl solution! Hope to see you on the road!

  14. Love it.. I always wanted to do it.. but don’t have the money You’re an inspiration tho..who knows what might come my way.Wishing you safe travels..

  15. Nearly perfect, just needs a shower. Nice place for a single person and pet.

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