Her Boho Style Tiny Home & Outdoor Paradise – $25k house for freedom

Thanks to our sponsor ​@Blinds.com! We love our Light Filtering Cellular Shades; allows us to control the amount of light & privacy—perfect choice for tiny homes: https://blinds.gnv2.net/a1G9EM 🌞 Meet Danielle, a DIY tiny house builder. She built her enchanting tiny home for $25k using 70% repurposed materials about 7 years ago. It’s given her much freedom to spend more time doing what makes her happy, from exploring nature to crafting. She also created a magical outdoor living space!

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❇️ directed & edited by Tiny House Expedition’s Christian & Alexis
❇️ shot by Christian
❇️ produced by Alexis
❇️ extra photos from the owner

Video Chapters:
0:00 – meet Danielle & her DIY tiny home
1:57 – her tiny house parking spot
4:13 – interior tiny house tour
7:01 – $25k tiny house & parking cost
9:22 – sponsor message
10:22 – tiny house walkthrough
14:55 – simple living for more freedom
16:55 – tour cont’d
18:55 – smaller scale living benefits
20:55 – hello from Alexis & Christian

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13 Replies to “Her Boho Style Tiny Home & Outdoor Paradise – $25k house for freedom”

  1. Thanks to our sponsor! Check out these Light Filtering Cellular Shades perfect for tiny homes (made from recycled plastic bottles): https://blinds.gnv2.net/a1G9EM 🌞 Danielle built an enchanting tiny home for $25k using about 70% repurposed materials about 7 years ago. It's given her much freedom to spend more time doing what makes her happy, like creating a magical outdoor living space! 🏡 Watch a tour of this $34k DIY tiny house with an elevator bed & fold-down porch: https://youtu.be/73OM5N4mnaE

  2. Cute home. She can still do a dormer or some kind of bump out in her bedroom. IT shouldn't cost to much, and be done start to finish in a weekend. Just adorable. SHE could have also put in a pocket door for her bathroom. Maybe one day. How ever the pop of color works just as well to. Again a cute home.

  3. Love your tiny home it was created very unique.. so cute!

  4. She has some great ideas 💡. I love the use of space under the stairs. I really love how her home 🏡looks lived in. It makes me feel like I can do that 😌.

  5. What I like that Danielle is aware that she has a wonderful home in a gorgeous place with a little community of encouragement & support. She is aware & grateful for this time of her life. I am very happy for her. Gratefulness makes life better even through tough times. I love what she has created.

  6. Love it it looks welcoming and warm! I love how she has done the inside, sort of style that I would go for..

  7. How wonderful that a young woman can build a house on her own, and it be affordable to live in. It reduces the stress of finding enough work to pay your bills. Her house is unique, homey and charming. Really well done! Good life choice. You did it and now are reaping the benefits.

  8. You have such an awesome tiny house. So many unique cool pieces. Collecting is by far the best!!! I love it. If i were younger, i would be tempted to do the same. Waaay too old, though.

  9. Love this one particularly. I too am in a Tiny, on 1/2 acre and love the idea of a bigger area of the land with a smaller home. Spend 4-5 hours a day when I can on the land, plus it is so satisfying, grounding and peaceful. Thank you for this video.

  10. Wow! 6 years already. Love it that she is one of the pioneers of tiny living. Even when there were less resources back then, she made it happen!

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