19 Replies to “Her Murphy Bed Camper Van Layout – Perfect For Life on the Road”

  1. She sure likes to talk. I fast forwarded it and watched it at 1.5 x speed because I don't have all day.

  2. Wonderful build there are always little ways of getting a good shower I've learn that. I'm into to the soda bottle shower lol I just didn't put holes in the bottle cap and I used about 16 oz 7 bottles of warm water. Very refreshing

  3. Everything was very nice but a shower and toilet is a must for us. I would also want an RV size fridge.

  4. Washing your hair is not the same thing as taking a shower…

  5. That foot on the bottom of your eBike… Some people are cutting that off with a hack saw because when you go over a bump like a driveway center, it hang sup and can throw you from the bike. I know of a lady that broke her ankle that way.

  6. Surely u have not seen a million fridge in your life. Why do people have to exxagerate to express a point. Say it as it is..😩

  7. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  8. I'm normally not a fan of Murphy beds but this was a great build. And that's what I want to do, just be part time. I also think I'd have to based on certain things in my life.

  9. I want so much to work remotely and travel, but am unsure how to work remotely. I'm a school secretary and 6 years from getting a pension. I feel like I have to keep working those 6 more years, but secretely wish I could find a remote job so I could start traveling now.

  10. when she opened her refrig, and I saw the two huge bottles of alcoholic beverages, I thought, wow, that sure is a lot for one person and then in the rear of her build, she opens up her wine cellar and I just sat here with my mouth open smh…

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