27 Replies to “Here’s how to freeze sweet corn at home to enjoy all throughout the year #shorts”

  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing this! I love your videos! 🤗💚

  2. Blanche and shock putting it in cold water is shocking by stopping the cooking process

  3. I didn't dare freeze the corn before thinking they'd become as bad as those frozen veggie packs. Will try to soon then.

  4. I love my stasher bags. They're a little pricey but they are the best reusable bags out there

  5. You know none of that is necessary except for shucking and washing blanching is a complete waste oft our time also scrape the cob for the milk of the corn it’s wonderful thawed out and fried in butter in a skillet. It’s great!

  6. You forgot to milk the corn scrape all that goodness off that cob this for the flavor is.

  7. I do it all the time but I love shoepeg and silver Queen corn I'm from the deep South I live in Houston Texas and I have my family just shut me in my corn but not like I tried to go to Georgia once a year that's when I buy a bushel of actually about two bushels of corn I freeze The bushel with a shucks and then I cut up a bushel and I do it just like he does and I've got my corn all year round and it tastes like it did the day you pulled it off the stock that's why and I freeze my corn in the stalk and yeah and when you go to peel it after you cook it every bit of the the hair the what you want to call it comes off there's no problem at all I could live on corn I love it so I'm from Georgia there's so many things you cannot get here in Texas that you can in Georgia and they say Texas you can get everything that's not true I could just go down the list and so many things especially good cornmeal you cannot get good cornmeal here in Texas they think everybody is Hispanic well they're not you have a lot of Southerners that live here but I'm not going to go into that but yeah I love his corn.

  8. I spread my corn out on a cookie sheet and freeze it before I put it into containers, then it doesnt freeze into clumps. I have corn in my garden this year, I cant wait 😄

  9. I absolutely love all and I do mean all of your advice and the way you do things …if it is very important to me and very informative……thank you for what you do 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  10. Thanks, where did you get your reusable container. I would like to purchase the same; thanks

  11. Oh yeah im from Indiana and there isn't anything better then Indiana sweet corn done like this.

  12. U totally missed half the cob! Once u cut that top off with the sharp knife, turn the knife around to dull and go over it again and get the under corn part. I grew up on an Ohio farm and this is how we did it…..my gramma also froze it with the butter, salt and pepper in it. That way all you gotta do is put it straight in the microwave when ready to eat!!!

  13. For Chilliwack sweet corn.. to freeze on the cob fast and easy
    With the husk on cut the tip & silk off, then cut the excess stem and remove the outer husk leaving the inner husk on. Throw in a freezer bag, put in straw and twist the bag snugly around the straw. Draw out air till the bag is smooth around the cobs. Lasts 12 months in the freezer. Not blanching keeps the corn more flavourful. I learned this from the farmer I purchased my corn from.

  14. The way he’s talking and acting it seems like he’s acting like that other guy that has glasses. Idk his name

  15. They actually make a tool that is specifically for corn to strip the cob…a lot easier than using a knife

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