17 Replies to “Here's Why Your Hair Doesn't Get As Greasy When You Blow Dry It vs. Air Dry It!”

  1. Isn’t this exactly why people with frizzy and dry/coarse hair started letting their hair air dry though? I now blow dry at a low heat because of it being more prone to breakage when wet but I’d imagine more sebum would be better for certain hair types no?

  2. I'm confused! The article you show says air dried hair loses sebum more slowly i.e. doesn't get as greasy as fast … Wouldn't that be a good thing?

  3. Are you serious? Did you not read what it says? It is saying that your hair does not get as greasy aka losing sebum at a slower rate, vs using a blow dryer. Wow just wow

  4. Has this study been replicated since? Hair drying technology has changed a lot since the eighties…

  5. Can there b a new study done because I think it may b outdated js. N shampoo n conditioner now have different chemicals idk

  6. Until you hit your 40’s and you want your hair to hold onto the natural oils. Your hair changes as you age.

  7. That's crap ..I never blow dry my hair and blow drying is damaging .You post a lot of false information.

  8. I like my air dried hair. But I am terrified of heat on my hair so that is my only reason..

  9. As a former hair stylist and someone with naturally dry hair – don't do this. Use your olive oil shampoo/conditioner – if you can towel dry it and put in the conditioner let it sit for a minute or two before cold washing it out. Use any heat serum even if you may not use a hot tool in the summer. It helps. The stylist that cuts my hair can't get over how my hair is so healthy for it being dry.

    Oh!! If you ever can my friend suggested to do an olive oil treatment (olive oil with a cap or bag for 8hrs) then light shampoo and condition out. Did wonders years ago.

  10. Can we let our hair air dry in the summer? Doesn't it help minimise the damage causing by the blow dry heat?

  11. Doesn't it say that hair air dried lost it sebum at a "slower rate "than heat dried hair
    slower being the operative word here
    just asking slower may mean more I don't know

  12. This makes the assumption that we all want to lose sebum faster. I do not. Sebum is beneficial in protecting the scalp and keeping hair well nourished. It’s not particularly an appropriate use of science to make a sweeping generalization about a single sentence in a single study, especially one published 40 years ago when hair products and tools were very different.

  13. I’ve heard so many different things it’s better to air dry your hair no it’s better to blow dry I’m so confused.. but isn’t less heat better so why would you blow dry?

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