Heston Blumenthal's Creamy Scrambled Eggs | Waitrose

Heston Blumenthal explains how he makes beautiful, creamy scrambled eggs using a bain marie.

Heston’s use of a bain marie when making these scrambled eggs guarantees a gentle but consistent heat that is just right for creating creamy eggs that are perfect for a filling breakfast.

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14 Replies to “Heston Blumenthal's Creamy Scrambled Eggs | Waitrose”

  1. How the hell is he gonna tell us NOT to do something, that HE DID ON THE VERY FIRST EGG!?

  2. As a retired breakfast chef this technique was used and for bigger servings took 45 mins to slowly cook. 10 years of eggs I've eggsperimented many times.

  3. I use his scrambled eggs recipe to keep me occupied for 2 years while I wait for his chicken recipe to finish in the oven

  4. Don't season eggs before you cook – salt actually alters the protein structure of the eggs and starts to "cook" them in a slightly different way. Cream only added at the very end, and only a cold spoonful to stop the cooking. Never whisk the eggs before they go in the pan! To be fair he does actually say he's careful not to overdo it – but its very easily done! Beurre noisette is awesome though and the salmon is to die for.

  5. That looks delicious, gotta try it. I make my scrambled eggs similarly, except I start with brown butter, then let it cool to low, add seasoned eggs and some melted cream cheese or evaporated milk, mix on and off low heat to get the same texture, then squeeze some lemon juice on top.

  6. Although I am in wonder at this man’s truly superb kitchen chemistry and science resulting in truly stunning dishes, both to look at, smell and taste, I prefer Gordon Ramsey’s beautiful scrambled eggs, cooking with chunks of butter and eggs from a cold pan, adding salt, pepper and everything else only at the end for a better chemical action. However, adding the melted browning butter at the end does impart a luxurious taste. I’ve tried both versions and Ramsey’s came out on top in a 6 person taste test.

  7. Jeeez..15 minutes? Forget that. Butter in pan..splash of cream and some chive philly…mix eggs and lightly cook…4 mins.

  8. Absolutely bollocks!! This should be a 5min breakfast staple not a fu**ing gourmet dish FFS????????

  9. What a pain. All I use is eggs and a small knob of butter. 2-3 minutes later with some pepper and salt it tastes amazing and it’s never dry, just lovely. I’ve never tasted better!

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