Home Decor Items No One Should Own After 30

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In this video, I go over some of the home decor items I think you should reconsider past 30. Now age doesn’t really have anything to do with your personal style, but as we move through different stages of life, we tend to shift our priorities! So use this video as a reminder that maybe it’s time to let some stuff go that you’ve been holding onto since your college days!

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⏱ Timestamps:
00:00 – Home Decor Items No One Should Own After 30
01:10 – Cheap Bedding
03:51 – Cheap DIY
05:01 – Posters That Aren’t Framed
06:21 – Cheap Serveware
08:15 – Having Everything IKEA
09:59 – Multicoloured Strip Lighting
11:48 – A Futon

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24 Replies to “Home Decor Items No One Should Own After 30”

  1. Nik's carefree assumption that when you're over 30 you obviously can spend on better things and money isn't tight like in your 20s. not with today's inflation ????

  2. My Grandmother passed last week but one thing she did to influence my decor was to do beautiful puzzles and frame them as art. Truly amazing art pieces lie in wait for reasonable prices.

  3. Love you said 'donate old stains linens to animal shelters'. Great reminder. And old towels to groomers 🙂

  4. I'm so glad you mentioned the shelters. The low cost spay neuter places too. Programs that trap neuter/spay and give shots to feral cats then release them for rodent control but prevent them from reproducing

  5. "If you have a futon after 30 tell your chiropracter I said hi."
    Hahaha, you crack me up big time!

  6. Omg I LOVE that you have a brooklinen partnership! I just purchased with your link, thanks for letting me know about the sale!

  7. You'll have to pry my diffused multicolor led strip lights from my cold millennial hands, Nick.

  8. To the last one; the thing is, at some point you have to be able to offer a guest a certain level of accomodation. I'll probably never have (or need) a guest room, but anyone who stays with me will always have a good couch to sleep on, with fresh bedding and a little place to be their nightstand.

    I recently stayed with a friend in Berlin and I slept on a mattress with a stained cover under musty unwashed bedding and no real "made up and guest ready"-ness.

    He's 36, im 28. It sort of put things into perspective. I really am no longer 21, my back can still take that sleep, but why shouldn't I at some point expect (and provide) a certain level of comfort?

  9. Where do you suggest hanging a large 14×20 engagement or wedding picture of my husband and I

  10. I can’t stand that awful ikea “lack” coffee table (clever name), I never want to see one of those again. Instantly makes your whole room look like Walmart. Tell me I’m not the only one????

  11. Regarding cheap plates, etc, check out thrift shops and consignment shops. And estate sales!

  12. I think I lived just a different life. Until my 40s I think all the furniture I owned was hand-me-down or dumpster dived. Now that I'm almost 60 I do spend some on furniture, but more on crafting machines (sewing, surger etc) and electronics. While we are different people, I do love your videos and your advice has helped me changed my space for the better. You might be surprised how much of Minecraft is home decorating and design. LOL

  13. Beg to differ on the "Futons"…I sleep on a futon..but is is ORIGINAL made in Japan……HUGE difference that the crap they sell in US/Canada "furniture "departments…and as a senor citizen my doctor & chiropractor thanks me..Best thing I ever invested in . Mattresses are garbage they make these days!! Especially memory foam!!! YUK

  14. Professional organizers take any linens and towels to vets and shelters – jsut wash them (stains are not a problem)

  15. Should I take anything serious or even as fun for someone who is living and advocating "greige with gentri-core"?!
    greige= grey and beige combination.
    gentrification lead to essential workers, like nurses, kindergarden teachers, firefighters, to leave cities bc they compete in housing market with young people who move to cities and are willing to pay overly high priced apartments in big towns.
    No own reflection , environmental thoughts, no critic about style and lifestyte impact on social classes. how boring and soulless can this channel be.

  16. So in a retired Interior Designer over 60 now and I still love the purple lava lamp my mum bought me when I was 14…tho I do invest in good stuff for my home.

  17. Okay Nick, what do I put in a study that is a comfy seating choice and doubles as bedding in a pinch? Are there high end comfortable futons in the world? Daybed? Deep sofa? Something I don't know exists? I viscerally hate hide-a-beds; worse to sleep on than a futon mattress IMO and weigh entirely too much. I love your videos and I always click as soon as I see it!

  18. I love the last comment, tell your chiropractor I said Hi! Hahaha! So very true, futons are so uncomfortable.

  19. I am 67 and when we have large ( more than 6), we use disposable plates. I have no interest in spending time in the kitchen doing dishes.

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