Home Tour: Inside Christina Hall's Newport Beach Home | Christina on the Coast | HGTV

Christina Hall from Christina on the Coast invites HGTV into her her Newport Beach home. Christina and Josh Hall give us a personal look at their home theater, outdoor area, and show us their favorite spaces in their home.

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19 Replies to “Home Tour: Inside Christina Hall's Newport Beach Home | Christina on the Coast | HGTV”

  1. Love this guy he’s so down to earth and relatable . I can see why Christina fell for him. Both look happy together and complement each other well.

  2. Beautiful home Josh and Christina. I wish you both much health and happiness in your new home. God bless.❤

  3. Awe what Gorgeous Couple! ???? their house is very beautiful but it sure wouldn't be for me, lol it looks way to rich and not lived in considering Christina has three Children. Everybody has their own taste. ????????

  4. Never seen him, but I love how he treats Christina! You can feel the attraction!

  5. too modern for my taste. it doesn't have any warmth compared to her home in Nashville

  6. Stunning house and an architectural masterpiece—Was wondering what the house was like—-This house suits Christina and Josh very much

  7. Very stylish home. You both seem very happy there and will make great memories. So happy for you two????

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