Todays video will be a Homegoods shop with me followed by a Homegoods haul where I show you my Homegoods finds and how I decorate on a budget. Let me know in the comments section what your favorite find was and if you’ve scored anything recently from Homegoods that you love! Thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a wonderful week! X- Jenna

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Dress I’m Wearing:

Kitchen Island Referenced:

McGee & Co Handled Basket:

Island Chic Pitcher Shown:

Other *Cheaper* Seagrass Pitchers:

*Similar* Bread Baskets:

Rattan Side Table Shown:

*Similar* Rattan/woven stools:×23-Wooden-Curved-Stool-With-Woven-Seat/7000007794?colorId=NS9861002&pos=1:24&Ntt=stool

Arhaus Lamp:

Our Barstools:

Our Pendants:

Our Woven Sideboard:

Slate Trays Shown:

*Cheaper Slate Trays*:

Wooden Soap Bowl Shown (medium size):

Bathroom Faucet:

Bathroom Hand Towel:

Distressed Wood Bookends:

McGee and Co Bookends Shown:

Other *Similar* Bookends:

Shelves Shown:

*Similar* Salt Cellars with Lids:

*Similar* Ice Cube Trays:

*Similar* Salad Servers:


  1. Your homegoods store is so nice! I am so happy I finally got a store to shop 🙌 thanks for taking us along and showing us what you got and your styling design choices. Love this content Jenna

  2. I always love the inspiration I get from these videos…so thank you:)
    I love everything you brought home with you, but my favorites are the cute boho lamp and that super awesome vase. So beautiful! I wish my home goods and marshals received things from Portugal. We get a lot from Vietnam. It’s still beautiful, but I always love what you find. Thanks again for another awesome video!

  3. I love watching your videos I can tell you put a lot into filming and editing and I love love love your style 😍🙌🏼💕 I’ve been watching you for almost a year now but wanted to say hi and great job! 💕

  4. I love marble and woods. Lidded marble bowls. Yet I really love the things you are able to find. Love your style and ideas. Thanks for the vids!!!!!! Kudos!!!!

  5. I really wish my closest Home Goods wasn’t about two hours away. You got such great items. I was really hoping you’d get the black marble flat tray when you picked it up. I really need the cacti ice cube trays, because I do live in Arizona! lol

  6. When I seen you looking at that bowl I thought for sure that was going home with you. Glad you did get it, it’s your style. Everything you bought looks good where you styled it.😍

  7. Love the HomeGoods videos but always makes me sad I don't live closer to one. However, I just got home to Tennessee from visiting my husband who is working in Louisiana at the moment, and there was one close! I visited a few times and found some great things before coming home. 💜

  8. I love to see these videos!
    I like getting to see your hauls and how you actually place the items around your home. Gives me so much inspiration.

  9. Home Goods is a great place to find items made in Portugal. I found Euro pillows with beautiful woven cotton shams for $40 for a set of 2 – made in Portugal.

  10. Hey Jenna can you please share where the stem / dried floral is from that you have in the dotted planter that you did the diy from hobby lobby. It’s sitting on your counter on the wood round riser where you placed the black and white pinch pots? Thanks!

  11. Has anyone been able to find this lamp or a close look a like online? I have been searching all over the internet and can not find this lamp!

  12. I love seeing how you style your pieces! It really helps me to see it all n my own

  13. More great finds!! That dark bowl!!😍 Love those pinch pots!!❤ Off to HomeGoods to see if I can score these awesome finds!🤞

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