Homemade DIY Lamp Shades: 5 Minute Crafts for Home Decor

Today I’m sharing a super fun and easy Homemade idea for this DIY Lamp Shades or Lanterns.
You can make this Craft Stick Lampshade and decorate your home.

You can buy craft sticks and make beautiful DIY ideas.
Popsicle sticks DIY Lampshade are great projects for kids too!

-Craft wire

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15 Replies to “Homemade DIY Lamp Shades: 5 Minute Crafts for Home Decor”

  1. Thank you for all your videos! I love that you always say how many popsicle sticks are used, that is so so helpful so i know how many i need!!!

  2. can u tell me how much stick I need for making this one, and which kind of glue u used for it

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