HOUSE TOUR: Amazing Apartments in New York City l Top 5

On today’s episode of Homeworthy, we’re bringing you to the bustling streets of New York City with five of our favorite city-living tastemakers. Modern escapes, chic lofts and pastel paradises are just a few of the ways these homeowners have designed their own retreat in a city that never sleeps. Enjoy!

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12 Replies to “HOUSE TOUR: Amazing Apartments in New York City l Top 5”

  1. Wow! I love the amazing decor, the art and the occasional hacks (or little tricks). It was a fun and inspiring tour. Thank you.

  2. Adore him and his wonderful, magical space. Interviewer radiating judgment and condescension….

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  4. The man at the beginning…wow. The man at the end…WOW-ER!
    Alison: "Is that the Michelin Man"?
    Nicholas: ????
    Alison: "You don't even know!!!
    Me: LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nicholas: "Now let me show you the rest of the house".
    Me: I thought this WAS the whole house! Couldn't believe we had only seen the living room ????

  5. For all the Color Freaks. Check out "DipYouCar". This guy paints cars and the colors are crazy. My favorite so far is when they "draw" the car with liquid soap and then paint over it like batik. They also do cars that change color with the temp.

  6. Absolutely enjoyed Nicholas Lowry's home 'decor'…. what a fun place to live. Love it!

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