In this extra special episode of our ‘Behind The Design’ series we’ll be giving you an exclusive tour of this stunning apartment in London that was recently completed by our design team.

Sophie Paterson Interiors is a London and Surrey based design studio specialising in luxury residential interiors throughout the UK and overseas for both private clients and developers.
Led by Sophie our experienced team of talented interior designers and interior architects provide a personalised design service to create detail driven, luxury interiors that perfectly suit their context, the client’s needs and will stand the test of time.

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  1. The entryway…So much impact in a small narrow space. REGAL, SOPHISTICATED and STUNNING!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! How do you keep the silk/fabric wallpapers / cupboard doors clean and the dust off! Do you just vacuum it?

  3. Sophie and the team gone over the top with this project, it reflects the exquisite taste from you all and your client; my most sincere admiration and congratulation, you are getting better and better as time goes by. Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Used to stay at an American friend's apartment in London as a child that felt especially like the layout of this one in the video. The Albert Court.

  5. Wow! I just stepped into interior heaven ❤ Thank you so much for sharing your work. It is an absolute delight to watch your videos ❤Can’t wait for the next one. Regards from Sydney Australia ????

  6. Greetings from Santa Fe, New Mexico. You and your design team are inspiration and beyond. Thank you for sharing.

  7. How ever did you get cameras in my home ????….????I wish…????????????????????

  8. I guess I am getting the vibe of the place, but one thing I hate with any designer is when you talk about how grand the entrance is, the marble work (the design( in particular; but it actually becomes asymmetrical when you add all of the furniture. I hate that.. don't clutter it up.

  9. Omg Sophie, Vanessa and the rest of your team, this was insane! I cant begin to imagine what will be going through your clients minds as they walk through their finished property for the first time! Love the design and the incredible attention to detail! Your love for this project is so evident. There is so much thought, time and consideration which has gone into this. One can only dream of living somewhere as beautiful as this ❤

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