House Tours: A 849 Sq Ft Bohemian Apartment in Washington, D.C.

Name: Erin, with dog, Aster, and cat, Szutt
Location: Washington, DC area
Size: 849 square feet/79 square meters
Type of Home: Apartment
Years lived in: 2 years, renting

Plants, colors and animals. These are the main themes of Erin’s home in her 849 square foot, 1 bedroom apartment in Washington, D.C. Occupied with her pets, Erin runs her enamel pin business, Asters & Tulips, that started during the pandemic and has become a moment of joy and accomplishment. Her living room is her oasis, filled with sunlight, colorful artwork such as her Pardon My Fro prints, DIY pieces like the sideboard she refurbished from her mom, and her many plants, which serve not only as inspiration for her pin designs but as a daily reminder “to have patience and persevere.”


0:00 – Intro, Floor Plan
0:52 – Living Room
3:09 – Kitchen & DIYs
4:46 – Bedroom & DIYs
6:45 – Bathroom & Pets
8:35 – Enamel Pin Business & Meaning of Home

About Erin

Inspiring and helping everyone to live happy, healthy lives at home.

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15 Replies to “House Tours: A 849 Sq Ft Bohemian Apartment in Washington, D.C.”

  1. 849 sq ft is, by DC standards, HUGE for a one-bedroom apartment. I'm really curious about what neighborhood this is.

  2. I love her home, the plants, the colors, the light, her living room wall, etc. Beautiful space!

  3. What a well curated home.. Applauding you for your creativity in décor design

  4. I love your space it screams comfort and it shows your love that mom gave you about being you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’m a plant person too you’ve given me some thoughts on colors too????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Your Mom done a good job I know she would have loved your Pretty Princess place and I too am totally proud of you, stay awesome !!!

  6. ???????????? love the style and connection Erin's mom. Thanks for sharing your space and story!!

  7. I Love her story of her and her Mom, so, so sweet and her place is so cool and colorful!!

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