How a Master Sushi Chef Brought His Father's Octopus Recipe to NYC — Omakase

At NYC’s Nakaji, third-generation sushi chef Kunihide Nakajima crystallizes his family’s legacy through the food he serves. Using lessons learned from his father, Nakajima serves dishes with ingredients like melon, octopus, whelk, eel, and more.

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Producer: Pelin Keskin
Director: Murilo Ferreira
Camera: Murilo Ferreira, Michael Latchman
Editor: Charlotte Carpenter
Interpreter: Ayako Kaneyoshi

Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
Development Producer: Ian Stroud
Supervising Producer: Stefania Orrù
Associate Producer: Julia Hess
Audience Development: Terri Ciccone, Frances Dumlao, Avery Dalal
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21 Replies to “How a Master Sushi Chef Brought His Father's Octopus Recipe to NYC — Omakase”

  1. what a love energy this master has! Hail Chef-San

  2. This is one of the few chefs on this series that doesn't seem so mystic. He's just a normal dude who has an amazing talent.

  3. The passion and enthusiasm he has for what he’s doing is amazing. It really shows in his food.

  4. Precision seems to be part of the quality process here. I'm sure that reflects in the foods flavors.

  5. Japanese food is always bland. I never care to eat it. Korean food is the best.

  6. What was it he was washing that octopus in? I know it wasn't soap but it looked like it.

  7. This is a great video, especially hearing how much it meant for the father to transfer knowledge to the son.

  8. A chef not looking for fame or glory. A true outstanding gentleman who is maintaining not only his family traditions, but his father's legacy to be known not just in Japan but to the world. The meal is well prepared with respect and kindness as well as showing his vibrant personality to his guest.

    Truly an amazing presentation showing a loving son honoring and remembering his father in the kitchen. This one's going in the books

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