How A Soiled White Chanel Bag Is Professionally Restored | Refurbished | Insider

Julie Summer is the director at Luxe Bag Spa, a designer-handbag-restoration company in Canada. She shows us how she restores a soiled white Chanel flap bag. This includes cleaning the exterior, repainting the bag, and polishing the chain.

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How A Soiled White Chanel Bag Is Professionally Restored | Refurbished | Insider

18 Replies to “How A Soiled White Chanel Bag Is Professionally Restored | Refurbished | Insider”

  1. How much those the bag cost,and how possible will it take me long time asured

  2. I mean, the result looks great and all… but I have to wonder how much it holds.
    Because most of the dirt is still there, it's mostly a fresh coat of paint… but if the paint ever wears off or fades, all that dirt is still under.
    Not that I can see much else being done… using harsher chemicals and brushes would likely destroy the leader anyways, but I still kinda expected a more thorough cleaning I guess… it's because of Insider's other videos with people using waterjets and sandblasters to reveal the raw material and then paint over that. xD
    Electroplating the hardware makes sense though… likely how it's originally made anyways.

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  4. Very interesting! Kind of shocking to pay that much for a painted bag, but classic looks are important to some people🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. May as well be spray painting your car over rust… or paint your bathroom over mildew… or tile over grass…

  6. Paint over the stitches makes it look worst than before. Patine on "old" stuff is way better than this kind of "restauration"

  7. It looks super dirty, all that dirty actually hurts the leather more than if you cleaned it harder

  8. I found a similar bag like this in red at goodwill about 15 years ago. Got me 600 bucks on Ebay! good score

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