How Astronauts Make Oxygen in Space from Their Bodies

Sending 1 lb of cargo into space costs about $10,000! So how do space agencies afford to send supplies like oxygen, water, and food to their astronauts? Before they found a more efficient solution, they’d pack all the water into space with them in their rockets. The water took up a lot of room that could’ve otherwise been used for other supplies. That, and the added weight wasted fuel. So short answer: nope, it doesn’t go with the crew from the get-go.

That means they deliver it, right? That’d be too risky…and expensive! There’s no 100% guarantee that something bad won’t happen to the cargo ship at launch or on the way to the International Space Station. If the cargo doesn’t get to the station, then the next delivery will have to wait a very long time. That’s not an option since it’s dangerous for the astronauts. Ok, so let’s break it down item by item.

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Water 1:30
How the Water Treatment System works 2:20
Oxygen 3:15
Food 4:30
What do they do with their trash? 6:05
Where does space debris come from? 6:47
From the ISS to Mars! 7:38
Waste recycling 8:07

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– The primary source of water for the crew is… the astronauts themselves! Whether it’s drops of sweat, condensation from breathing, or going to the toilet, all this water gets processed through complex filtering systems.
– Thanks to this complex system, it’s possible to produce a little over 4 lb of oxygen per day. That’s only enough for 2 people. The ISS crew usually consists of 6. To make up the difference, oxygen is delivered from Earth.
– What about the food? Here, the ISS is entirely dependent on supplies delivered from Earth. All those freeze-dried packets of astronaut food go along with the crew when they head to the station, or separate cargo is sent.
– According to NASA, astronauts dine on fruits, nuts, chicken, beef, seafood, candy, and even brownies! They also have coffee, tea, juices, and lemonade.
– In 2015, members of the 44th ISS crew ate lettuce that was fully grown on board! The seeds had been sent from Earth.
– Just like you and me, astronauts have garbage too. You’d think they could just chuck it out into the endless void of space, but that would be littering! Whenever they get a delivery, the cargo ship is docked to the station.
– Just like you and me, astronauts have garbage too. Whenever they get a delivery, the cargo ship is docked to the station. The astronauts get what they need from it, and then they load this ship with their trash.
– The cool thing about the International Space Station becoming more and more self-sufficient is that it’s almost like a trial for larger missions in the future.

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