How Bespoke Italian Leather Shoes Are Made

In a small workshop in Florence, Saskia Wittmer crafts leather shoes that are as unique as each customer.

MADE is a series of simple, lovely short films that demonstrate how everyday luxury objects are created.

Video by Leila Hussain.

12 Replies to “How Bespoke Italian Leather Shoes Are Made”

  1. Carefully aged and stretched Biltong yields a pleasantly scented and durable material that can be utilized with minimal wastage.

  2. I love this video. It inspired me to become a shoemaker and I have been making shoes by hand for 2 years now. It's a great video and an excellent representation of the magic of shoemaking.

  3. I wish i had the money to invest so i could start making boots. In west texas boots are king. Plus i could make all my own 😆

  4. For the work being done 4k seems cheap. The material itself must cost a small fortune and someone needs to live off the rest of the money.

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