How Braces Work (And Why So Slow)

Who doesn’t want a nice brilliant smile? Getting braces can fix bigger problems that could affect you later in life too, like jaw alignment. In short, what braces do is apply pressure to the teeth to encourage them to move into the correct position inside the mouth.

Each tooth has a name, and charts of the correct position of each tooth are found all over the dentist’s and orthodontist’s office. Most of us have a slight or significant underbite or overbite. This is due to jaw misalignment, and braces will fix that! But how does all that metal in your mouth really work? And why might someone need braces?

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Who orthodontist is 0:45
Why might someone need braces? 1:39
What does an expander do? 2:01
What braces are made up of 3:36
How does all this stuff straighten your teeth? 5:29
Braces make your teeth stronger! 6:57
What does happen when your braces come off? 7:26

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– Most orthodontic patients are in their early teens, but nowadays it’s not uncommon for adults to get braces too.
– If crooked teeth run in your family, you might have crooked teeth too. If you sucked your thumb or pacifier a lot as a baby, this can affect how your baby teeth grow in.
– An expander will stretch the bone and cartilage of the hard palate before it stops growing. It prevents teeth from crowding, and preps the mouth to have room for your braces.
– Most people will feel the pressure on the back molars and will feel some discomfort in their teeth, perhaps behind their nose and eyes, or in their temples. But this tenderness will go away eventually.
– Braces may look simple, but they’re actually made up of a few different parts that all work together: bonding material, the bracket, arch wire, ligature elastics, spacers, and orthodontic bands.
– That wire that connects your brackets plays a key role in moving your teeth; wire doesn’t generally like to bend, but heat from your mouth makes the wire more flexible.
– Your teeth are bones, and you’re only seeing the tips of them – the rest of them are anchored in your gums, which are soft to allow movement.
– Besides a straight smile and proper jaw alignment, braces have another benefit. They make your teeth stronger!
– Alrighty, it’s now two years later, so what does happen when your braces come off? Your orthodontist will remove any extra bands, the wire, and ligature elastics.
– Your orthodontist will probably have you brush your teeth well right there in the office, so that he or she can then try to remove any remaining bonding agent from your teeth.

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22 Replies to “How Braces Work (And Why So Slow)”

  1. 31 here and it’s my first time ever with braces, I’ve had them in for a few days now and I’ve only experience mild pain when I eat but other than that it has been very smooth so far

  2. Am I the only one who still eats everything, no matter if I am wearing braces??????

    POV: I was just 12 when my braces were installed ???? after looking at the comment section It seems like i was too small to get it.

  3. Okay today I’m turning 16 and in about 2 week I’m gonna get an expender and braces at the same time.

  4. I am waiting for my turn, Today I am getting my braces on. ???? . So I decided to know how it will work:)

  5. I had braces when I was 18, and now I have stronger teeth n never had cavity but coz of braces I have sensitive teeth… my teeth moved over time, I should correct them again… teeth move even after braces but dentist never tell this

  6. I cannot stop having flashbacks of the righten retainers almost choked and then braces almost swallowing the metal wires and now i hav perm retainers and hawely retainers ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? its so tramatizing but i got them off so ya for me

  7. what if someone's teeth is not so strong for braces?? if they got their braces then is there chance that teeth might fall out?

  8. It’s my second day and sheesh it’s def a diff feeling I’m just excited about the outcome so this 24/7 discomfort feeling is worth it .

  9. in the UK braces are for free under the age of 18, i got my top brace at 15 and then took it off at 17 bc i had to get an operation to remove one of the teeth under the gums in the upper palate, and literally yesterday i got fitted my full braces and i’m in so much pain. i’m 18 now so like my whole experience with braces is just LONG.

  10. I wore braces for one year during the high school days. Is it advisable to wear it for 2 years.

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