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The Mane Choice Doesn’t Get Much Butter Than This – Denise Antoinette
Camille Rose Curl Maker – Vanesha G
As I Am Moisture Milk – 504BUSYBEE
Miss Jessie’s Leave In Condish – Latoyia Mingo
DEVA CURL SET – military_natural

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29 Replies to “HOW I GREW MY NATURAL HAIR FAST AND HEALTHY! Spilling the tea!”

  1. Hey Crystal what’s your hair type? You look like your in the 4s but like A,B,or C?

  2. I just want to say you give great tips and I love your personality and attitude, you keep it interesting and I WANT to learn more about my hair…thank you and keep up the awesome work😊

  3. Gonna be honest, we went through the same exact situation currently doing a mini twist and watching your videos 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Your hair is beautiful. Thank you for the tips. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! My hair is like that. When I started using coconut oil my hair would get dry. So I stopped using it. I learned about tip 8. This stylist told me she knew how to do natural hair. But she didn't. I let her trim my hair. And she botched it up. Good thing I knew my hair and how to get it back. Yes,  I use biotin.

  5. im starting to think my hair grows fast becaue I had a buzz cut in may of 2019 and 8 months later its touching my shoulders… like an inch a month

  6. Hi beautiful hair what was the name of the oil 4 hair growth with the purple label

  7. Wow! I have high density, low porosity hair and my hair loves coconut oil! Coconut oil helps my hair stay moisturized ALL DAY. Olive oil and grapeseed oil did not work for me. My thick hair sucked up every bit of the moisture when I tried sealing with olive oil and grapeseed oil! So, coconut oil is not bad for ALL low porosity, high density heads of hair.

  8. I am officially in #theFamily !!Please Subscribe to my Channel to help me along the way of my Natural Hair Journey!! I just started and I am still in the learning process so, I could use all the tips I can get! Thank You so much!

  9. Yess! Thought my hair was the only one that hates coconut oil!!! Its a huge NO for me! I have low perosity hair and not very dense or thick and I simply cannot use coconut oil, I gave my entire jar to my sister! Only exception to my rule is the As I Am coconut co wash, I used it 1 time and I love it! Thank you for this video, I'm at my 1 yr anniversary! 🎉🎊😀😀

  10. I have split ends, but My hair is still growing like crazy, so i'm at a crossroad. Do I trim/ cut my hair or keep letting it grow. I dunno. My hair is in a very weird and strange place right now lol

  11. My hair doesn't like argan oil! It drys my hair out!! Amazing isn't it…LOL!!

  12. Loved this video and you are so pretty! New Subscriber. I just created a YouTube channel if you could subscribe back that would be amazing thank you for the support!

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