How One Woman Became Obsessed With Baking Bread | Epicurious

We step into the home kitchen of Laura Wolfgang to see how she went from not baking at all to scheduling her week around bread in a matter of months.

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How One Woman Became Obsessed With Baking Bread | Epicurious

28 Replies to “How One Woman Became Obsessed With Baking Bread | Epicurious”

  1. Omg I totally have fallen in love as well . Just like you a friend of my sons suggested I try sourdough baking when I told her I had been baking no knead artisan bread .. I never looked back????

  2. This is basically me. I feel exactly the same way. I’ve been baking sourdough for about two months but I’m super into it as well. I also have the same two books. I give away most of my bread. It’s just so fulfilling to make it.

  3. I think if you stumble upon the "right teacher," then bread making is so simple. I've never baked a loaf of bread in my life, but I've watched way too many videos on making sourdough bread!! Most make it much more complicated than it really is. I think. I came upon this one guy's video and he made it sound so easy, so I took the plunge. So, so simple!! I've made about 7 loaves of sourdough in the last 2 months and have not failed, yet. And that's saying a lot, considering I've never baked before. The more you do it, the more you learn to recognize what and when something needs to be done. Not saying I'm an expert or anything, far, far from it, but I've managed to bake pretty delicious bread 🙂 I'm also confident enough now to experiment and not follow recipes to the exact T. Happy baking!!

  4. Add salt after the sourdough has risen so as to not counteract the yeast cell metabolism. (Also, putting some honey in before you knead gives the bacteria more 'fuel:)

  5. Well darling, when you have people who are addicted to social media and they want instant gratification, then you can well understand why they wouldn't want the undertaking of making one loaf of Sourdough bread that takes more than a blink of an eye….so sad to say. They miss out on a lot, which is ironic, because that's exactly what they are afraid of.

  6. when I attended culinary school, bread baking was my favorite class. It was amazing how many different types of bread we made, with basically the same ingredients. Crazy how many students were going to toss their freshly made bread into trash. I got a big plastic bag and was literally giving it away to people on the streets, especially those who were homeless

  7. The audio track is awfull. They just cut words together. I wonder what she really been talking, must have been too long or something?

  8. I can relate. Ten years in and I still learn all the time.

  9. Laura's passion for bread is lovely, I totally identify with you. Can you or epicurious share the recipe you follow? Your bread looks amazing. Thanks for sharing this inspiring video. Cheers!

  10. This is my life now. I think about bread, what kind of bread to make, which bread to make, should I buy a basket, what size cast iron and the funny rhing is I'm on low carb diet and I might have a sensitivity to gluten.

  11. I bake sourdough bread and i can confirm everything she says about the whole proces.In fact,it becomes an obsession.

  12. I like that bread knife ! Which on is it ? Where did you get it ?

  13. Dear Vivian Tristesse,

    May I suggest you watch the Chad Robertson videos. He takes a spiritual approach to baking, which this nice lady does. Also, the Bread Bakers Guild is an organization dedicated to artisanal bread baking. Good luck!

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