How smoke preserves food

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2014 literature review on the antimicrobial properties of liquid smoke:

2021 literature review on the hazard of PAHs from smoked food:

2010 study on listeria contamination in cold-smoked meat:

2008 literature review on the hazards of listeria infection during pregnancy:

2008 book chapter overviewing smoke in food processing:

25 Replies to “How smoke preserves food”

  1. Nordic countries like Finland/Estonia have used smoke-fueled saunas for birthing (sterile environment), sweating cleansing, and even food-smoking fish and meats. for many many generations.

  2. Slime stop playing valorant it’s bad for your health and tell aiden that he has a well shaped butt

  3. I'm loving this primitive analysis series thing. Very interesting and entertaining.

  4. It's a bit weird to think about how cold cold smoking actually is. Recently, temperatures here have been over 30 degrees which I guess would make the ambient air temperature itself too hot for cold smoking.

  5. Adam, please do a video on how sliced cured beef presents a subtle iridescence on it's sliced surface. Why is that?

  6. The effects of the NOx on the meat are probably similar to what nitrite curing salts do.

  7. Funny enough the smoked peaches reminded me of my grandma who lives in the countryside and was boiling some apricots for jam. She used a huge pot on some outside wood fire and had 2 big spoons, one for stirring the fruit and one for the fire to move things around.. until in her old age she switched them at one point and we ended up having smokey apricot jam… It;s honestly one of the most delicious things i've ever tasted, on some bread with chunky peanut butter that thing is to die for.

  8. Case hardening sounds very similar to the problem Glen (Glen and Friends Cooking) had when making dry cured salami. The man he contacted for help said that this was a dry curing problem called dry ring. If you are interested, I will leave the video title here: Picante Dry Cured Salami First Try Fail – Glen And Friends Cooking – Home Cured Salami – Salumi

  9. This channel never gets old, so many things I wouldn’t have expected to be interested here. I have found myself intrigued in so many different topics on this channel.

  10. Texas smokmaster here.

    Don't go using random branches on the ground to smoke food, unless you know which tree they're from. Many trees will just make the meat taste bad, others can be poisonous!

    There's a reason why you only see specific trees being used to smoke food, like Oak, Hickory, Apple, Pecan and such.


  11. Any thoughts on "dangers" of smonked foods? Although I think I already know, since you don't even think seedoils are dangerous.

  12. Tbh, ancient people had pretty long life spans. Life expectancy was mainly brought down by death in childhood. Once you reached 30, chances were you'd hit 70.

  13. Thank you for explaining smoking food, but what I really wanna know is how Adam Ragusea got so smoking himself.

    Also, I want Adam Ragusea to leave my bussy smoking.


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  14. Cool video. I've worked in a UK pub kitchen for almost 9 years now (fml) and it is branded as a "flaming grill". So steaks are served on heated skillets and everything else is plates. The grill in question gets rather smoky and the extraction fans just aint what they used to be. Place get's pretty thick with smoke it too many things are on the grill at once and I've long wondered what A, me breathing that shit does and B, what do those sticky carcinogenic compounds smoke do in the presence of sticky meat fats.
    Heightened risk of cancer is my suspicion. But that's why I take a prophylactic approach to such things even if my diet is far from ideal. From what I understand one can guard against blood based cancers at the very least via simple fatty and water soluble forms of vit C to regulate the Fenton Reaction in conjunction with Apoptosis. But hey, I flip burgers for a living so what do I know lol.
    I've being offered the head chef role after all this time at least. I've done something right with my life I suppose.

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