How the Introverted Man Can Win

In this podcast I discuss how introverted men can win with women. The general belief is that a man must be a social animal to be attractive to women. Despite this many men who are successful with women are actually introverted. I share their secrets in this podcast.


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26 Replies to “How the Introverted Man Can Win”

  1. It won’t let us buy this anymore, can you put these on Patreon or upload to YouTube again please?

  2. Hey Uncle Rom, because of YouTubes’s discontinuation of paid content, is this any where else or just YouTube?

  3. Rom can I pay you through PayPal and have you send this video to me via email? I’m using an iPhone and can’t pay for the video using my phone, and since I’m in China YouTube is blocked on the computers here.

  4. Is this video not available in UK? I want to purchase it, but the button to buy it is greyed out and says not available

  5. My first purchase of your paid vid! Can't wait to watch till the end!!

  6. Mr. Wills I've come across many videos of Women who are Introverts, Women of different races. And many of them talk about their struggles of being introverted, and many of them are good looking. Maybe you could make another video telling men how to get Women who are introverts.

  7. My first purchase. I am going to shuffle through the previous vids I wanted to listen to before. I am still up in my feelings about this girl Uncle Rom, but I am still trying to learn game. This is almost exactly about me.

  8. Glad I bought this video. Everyone recognize the wisdom. I naturally keep to myself and once I started paying attention to my style, projecting confidence, and learning more game I noticed women give me more indicators of interest. This past Friday I went to a bar that I like to go to in a nearby city because they make the best godfather drink for me and I don't have to explain what it is. Lol. So I get to the bar with a fresh cut, some chukka boots, jeans, polo shirt, and a fragrance. I just sat up straight at the bar and sipping on my drink and in the span of 15 mins a 7, three 6s, and a 4 gave me the eye and smiled my way. All of these women were with their men. A 5 was lingering around before this and she was closed off to me. When she saw those other women interact with me she got very chatty. Lol. Gave her my number before she left. I typed all of that to say the introverted game is real and it's up to us men to utilize it.

  9. That was concise simple to point.Solid rules for introverts.Male magnetism is key. Water signs can benfit from developing strong male magnetism. I am some where in the middle I fluctuate between intro and extro.

  10. I had to get part 2 lol
    I'm guessing semen retention helps one's aura/vibrations correct?

  11. you jay z n kanye kick the most knowledge thanks unk and i am an introvert preciate it

  12. I've personally worked on style though out the years but when I got my physique up in the last 2 years. I've notice it paid more dividend when it came to attracting women. Especially when those two aspects came together. I noticed it even more when I started getting into modeling for little bit. On one note women seem to gravitate towards me and make it easy. On another note I've notice that I missed out on more opportunities from not approaching, then find out many of them were interested. Still working on that inner confidence

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