How To Air Touch Balayage

Air Touch Balayage was born in Russia and now it’s making it’s way to the US. I’m obsessed with this technique so I just had to try it.

Formula with all Kenra Color

No Ammonia Lightener 20vol
Demi Glaze 8B/7VM

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  1. I don't know if it's just your camera but this one had a violet silver sheen all over where balayage was done🤔 is that because of the metallic color you added? Your techniques are very different and your color choices but still pretty just diff 😁

  2. Thank you so much for the video! I am wondering what kind of hair does this method work on, thick , thin or any hair type?

  3. Amazing 🤩 will try this method so much easier than you say causing the hair unnecessary stress brilliant !! 💖

  4. Just discovered your channel i absolutely love all these color videos they're so educational and satisfying to watch! Please keep it up! You got a new subscriber!

  5. O to the M to the F to the G , thanks you have just made this technique so much easier for me to understand ! thanks , so fab !

  6. Amazing technique. Really want to try this. How would you suggest this technique with root touch up included? Also could you do a colour Inbetween with this technique? ☺️

  7. Зачем Фотошоп добавили.на первой картинке кожа жёлтая на второй холодный тон добавили даже майки по цвету разные на первой теплый оттенок на второй холодный оттенок зачем так делаете

  8. Im trying to get all the product that you used Can your help me I’ve been repeating your video but I’m trying to pause and find the products. Please help Can you list everything you used thanks in advanced

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