How To Be Alone | Sadhguru

oneliness is something that many people suffer from. In this video, Sadhguru distinguishes between loneliness and being alone, and how being alone is a profound and wonderful experience.

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11 Replies to “How To Be Alone | Sadhguru”

  1. 💎💎कौन कौन मानता है कि सद्गुरु के चरणों में स्वर्ग
    हैं *

  2. IF I had to choose…… I rather be alone than with that "nodding at everything" woman…..🙄

  3. Majority of people who are introvert type and are able to be at peace when alone don't realize their real potential for transcendence.

    You have the essence in you, but it needs to be strengthened by practicing austerities.

    Managing it well without other people is a prelude to managing it well without this whole human realm and finally releasing yourself from it. Being human, it's actual imprisonment with horrific consequences. One must let it all go at the first chance.

    The more one distances itself from the human realm, the more one is attracted by what is beyond. It seeks you more, and reveals you more if you really seek it too.

    Detachment, abandoning, and independence. As much as possible, and as long as possible are the keys that open your prison cell. 😄

  4. I am a "Singletarian". That just means I chose to be single like people chose not to have children. I was sunning today thinking about something and I made myself laugh! I do that all the time.

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