How To: Binding Adjustment

This video explains how to adjust Atomic Device 310 ski bindings. The concepts explained can be applied to any bindings.

To learn about proper toe cup height adjustment, which I missed in this video, check out my other video –

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a ski technician. You should have a professional adjust your bindings, as they need to be adjusted properly to be safe. Following the advice in this video does NOT guarantee that your bindings will be safe.

15 Replies to “How To: Binding Adjustment”

  1. Matt….. Brilliant video. Very much appreciate you taking the time to do this. You saved my bacon.

  2. Excellent Video, very steady camera focus, great voice. Thank you for a great tutorial on how to adjust ski binding, it was very helpful.

  3. Great tutorial. I'm skeptical about the "it's just math" part. What exactly happens between age 49 and 50 that moves you a full din? If you are post certain injuries might you want the bindings looser? It seems like there's some give. But I'm just wondering

  4. Perfect! Exactly what I need to know to set up my atomic bindings.
    Only part you left out whas how tight the toe needs to be.
    I saw another video that if you set a piece of paper in under the boot and you can pull it out easily it is too high/loose. And if the paper rips when you pull it is too tight/low. It should pull out tightly but not rip. Edit: apparently you added a toe cup adjustment link in the description! Awesome.

  5. Very concise, articulate instructions. Just a few simple steps to follow and you did a great job explaining it. An official technician probably know the various bindings differences more but it’s not rocket science. When I use to rent skis, the guys there adjust your boots to the rental skis/bindings in like 1-2mins if that… No DIN calculator used. Proper safe fit is definitely important, but taking some time to do it right yourself cannot be any worst than what they do with rental equipment.

  6. Thanks Matt, very helpful. Only thing I would have liked to see you show was the numbers as you adjusted front and back.

  7. Excellent video. I was looking for a tutorial on how to adjust ski bindings, and this one answers all my questions. I'll try this on the weekend with a Tyrolia 10D and a Salomon LZ 7. Just to be sure, I'll have it all double checked by the professionals in the ski shop, but out of curiosity I'm going to have a go first. Thanks for sharing, great work.

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