How to Book an Appointment with Apollo Doctor on Apollo 24|7 App .. Anytime, Anywhere

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Apollo has been the pioneer in world-class healthcare in India. We have been touching lives for over 35 years and now, bringing Apollo’s care, empathy and quality into the digital space will let us touch lives no matter where they are.

Key features:
* 24×7 Doctor: Start anywhere, end anywhere! We ensure 24×7 Doctor availability within 15 minutes of booking for you, getting rid of long queues and wait times. with prioritized slots as well as making follow-up consultations an ease. Want to visit the doctor in-person first and follow up online through video/audio/chat later? No problem! Start anywhere, end anywhere, and your information will always be up-to-date for you and your doctor.
* Honest Meds: Get medicines delivered in less than 3 hours, no matter where you are, because of Apollo’s largest network of pharmacy outlets. You can directly follow through with medicine purchases immediately after your consultation in one click.
* Tests on-the-go: Online test booking: Similar to medicines, order your tests for a home pick up or visit the nearest Apollo Hospital to get health checks done with one click after your consultation!
* Health Records: An integrated platform to store all health records being generated physically or digitally across the Apollo ecosystem, for each consumer on the app Like, Share & Subscribe :
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13 Replies to “How to Book an Appointment with Apollo Doctor on Apollo 24|7 App .. Anytime, Anywhere”

  1. Hello can you tell me what does it mean by "organization " in covid declaration form of apollo hospital

  2. Ordered from 24/7 pharmacy online on 4th April , now when I called customer care they said the product is returned to origin due to incomplete address and will refund my amount in a week. I wonder if you do the same to all customers and loot money in the name of membership

    They make us wait for a long time on call and just ignore our cal when called for the second time .
    Usless service

  3. Not delivered in time it's almost 4 hrs I ordered few medicine,they very particular in addending call but not responsible in delivering medicines,I called them twice but they r saying some silly reasons it's only 1km from my house,I couldn't able to move from house and suffering vt full grafe fever throat pain and sevoiur body pains

  4. today I received a msg saying that world heart day so free check up it's fake msgs is it. chandrakala.

  5. I hope you realise that this app needs A LOT of improvement. Keep updating this app and making it better.

  6. Time waste and money waste..
    Money is deducted from account but appointment is not done.. iam very disappointed

  7. I tried to book an appointment with a doctor whose consultation fee is 1200 Rs. But when I try to book appointment through this app the demand is 2500 Rs.
    This is nothing short of profiteering and extortion!

  8. I am very disappointed, after the appointment, Apollo 24/7 gives you 6 days period to chat with the doctor for any queries or submit test reports if any, but it is a waste of time and money, I submitted my reports test and I keep sending messages every day but the doctor doesn't respond. 🖕apollo 24/7

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