How To Boost Your Confidence!

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20 Replies to “How To Boost Your Confidence!”

  1. Hello my dear friend, yes I am here again to watch your beautiful videos. I will always be here, good luck. You have great videos. I really enjoyed watching it. Good day happy days love respect always be happy

  2. Guys I am a small youtuber taking baby steps. I would be really grateful if guys take few minutes to check my channel.

  3. Hi JESSICA. I had seen this Video of yours in 2012 where i was almost the bad version, lost and mentally disturbed person and trust me after watching you and this video I had changed as person, immensely confident and cracking interviews. Trust me no other confidence Videos are that impactful as yours.
    Today after 8 years I needed to see this video again and remind myself how it changed me years back….
    Well I feel little lost today and gathering myself again in this lockdown pandemic situation.
    I needed to see your face again.
    Thank you again… Iam grateful I had seen this Video then and now again. Love from India. Take care be safe where ever you are.

  4. This is the second time I’ve listened to this talk. As someone who was bullied all through school and even for a few years after, I’m here to say, you go girl! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Practical advices. I qouted some of them in my presentation and mentioned your name

  6. So true you have to give in order to receive. Just think positive, work on your skills. No one is ever perfect everyone has things, they go through. Its never good to judge because most people, don't know what a person going through.

  7. Thank you Jessica 🙂 I have watched this video 4 years before and it is so useful that i am still watching it and it is effective today as well… have a great time ahead 🙂

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