How to build a bathroom vanity from scratch in 2020 (1 of 3)

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How to build a bathroom vanity from scratch | D.I.Y. bathroom vanity (Part 1 of 3)

This video will teach you how to make cabinets.

The wooden bathroom vanity is a very typical item of furniture around the home, office and garage. Although they come in a variety of shapes and sizes the construction techniques for all cabinets are pretty similar. This means that if you have the skills to build a simple cabinet, such as the bathroom vanity/cabinet that was built in the video, then you have all the skills required to build nearly any cabinet. If you fancy your hands at cabinet design meaning that you have a little imagination and can draw a few sketches then you will be able to build any cabinet you can dream up! This should be very exciting for you as you are not limited to the flat pack incarnations you get at your local IKEA or old damaged furniture you may buy at your local yard sale.
For your convenience, I have given a timeline of the video below. The major chapters of the video are given along with the times they occur during the video. Feel free to click on the times to be brought straight to that point in the video!

00:48 Different component parts- Avian explains all the different parts of the cabinet that will made and how they will be assembled. She also makes some notes on different features which will make for a very aesthetically pleasing yet practical cabinet.
01:57 At this point in the video Les explains all the steps that they will be taken during the construction of the cabinet. They are as follows: (1) Cutting the Plywood, (2) assemble the carcass, (3) assemble the face frame, (4) attach the face frame to the carcass, (5) build the drawers and the doors if required, (6) sand and finish the cabinet (7) install the cabinet and attach the top (8) and finally install the drawers and the false front. Now, not all of these steps will be covered in this first video so make sure that you watch the entire video series.

02:19 Tools Used — In this part of the video Les describes all the tools that will used to make the cabinet. These include regular hand held shop tools, a table saw, a circular saw, a router, clamps and an orbital sander.
02:28 Ripping the plywood — the stock ¾” is cut to the proper widths and lengths to make the carcass of the cabinet. At 03:57 Les takes time to explain two types of blades that can be used in the table saw and the advantages of both blades.
05:07 Assembling the carcass — The plywood is cut and now the carcass is ready to be assembled.
07:36 Cutting the rails
08:25 Dowelling — Les explains the benefits of dowelling and their application in the cabinet making project.

How to Build a Bathroom Vanity from Scratch in 2020 (Part 2 of 3)

How to Build a Bathroom Vanity from Scratch in 2020 (Part 3 of 3)

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  1. This should be interesting I only have 8" table saw gave all my tools to my son after Katrina he lives in Missippi wish me luck Al-D I live in New Jersey

  2. question — I live in a humid area; want to make my own cabinets but a little worried about swelling with wood. Is there material I could use other than wood or do they sale wood that has been treated in some manner to avoid the swelling/smells that can come with wood over time.

  3. I'm so stoned watching this video. It's crazy, I have no idea what's happening. Still waiting for Martha Stewart to magically appear.

  4. I am going to replace a cheap pressboard vanity cabinet with my own custom build.  I can do this with this video as a reference and a sheet of plywood and a 8ft piece of 1×2 hard wood for the face frame.  Great video !  I'm only going to spend $70 versus $250+   Thanks Les

  5. Great video is really helpfull. Thanks now i need more tools and going to try help myself

  6. sir, i`m glad that i found this video for cabinet making, because this is my special project if i successfuly win the compitition of my school division i`ll be automatically pass the whole year for my T.L.E. Subject. Thank you sir!

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