How to Build Stairs | The Easy Way

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19 Replies to “How to Build Stairs | The Easy Way”

  1. Just in time I have to build some new stairs for my front porch. I will build a very large landing. A great video.????

  2. Good practice is also to look at the grain of the boards..and when drying they will cup away from the centre heart…if you install the treads soo they cup downward when they will never have wonky uneven treads

  3. Nice job on the deck and stairs. The best thing that original deck and stairs were good for was a nice open air bon fire. It had seen better days.
    Love your videos and taking advantage of you knowledge.
    God bless you, young lady. Keep up the great work.

  4. Why do you use a drill for the screws instead of an impact driver?

  5. Excellent content! Do you joint and plane all your own lumber? … or do you hit certain spots with an electric hand planer?

  6. April, your deck series is really educational and interesting! Another great resource for the home diy’er……. Keep on building!

  7. Are post brackets a better option than post sleeves? I'm building a deck soon and trying to figure out.

  8. I've hit the back of my heel on risers while walking down my screened porch/deck steps several times. Never knew why until now. Immediately paused the video, went out and measured the overhang of the treads. 1/2"! The construction was in 2016 and built by a licensed contractor. All inspections were also approved. I've been baffled by this, thanks so much!

  9. Great job April and Jacob, really looks good and enjoyed the finished steps especially the post guards. Great idea. Fred.

  10. Awesome video! I am enjoying this one because one I will build a deck too. Cheers!

  11. What is the metal hanging device at 3:03 called? I am trying to find this online and describe it to my local hardware store, but I think I am not using the right vocabulary!

  12. Really good looking stairs with great construction practices. The only difference I make is procedural and probably has higher returns for my ego than practical improvement. I make my stairs semi-open rise so debris and snow is more easily removed, even with fully enclosed/housed stringers. I also do a partial preassembly so my stairs are perfectly square, and an oversized french cleat top riser for ease of installation. Never fails.
    Lastly, always make sure to add blocking to any joist or rim that will carry a stair load!

  13. Oooo, the Prowood stringer recommendation even got the doggo squeak of approval? MUST be good!
    * (@4:10)

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