How to Butcher a Chicken | The Bearded Butchers!

Season the chicken BEFORE you seal anything! πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ

On today’s video, we’re going to butcher up a whole chicken. Buy the best possible chicken you can afford because it’s a lot more economical to cut a whole chicken vs buying all of the separate cuts of chicken. Bearded Butcher Scott Perkins is going to show you how to cut up a whole chicken and how to vacuum pack and preserve an entire chicken. We’ll show you how to cut the chicken wings, chicken breast, and chicken thighs.

9:45 – Scott’s hot tip πŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦°. How to vacuum pack a chicken carcass and keep your vacuum bag from breaking.

11:18 – Try to stay with him but you’re getting a bonus hot tip! Be sure to label everything BEFORE vacuum sealing anything. It’s just about impossible to write on the bags after you sealed them.

Here’s some gear from the video (MEAT cutlery may not be available)
πŸ”ͺ Boning knife and honing steel
πŸ—³οΈ Vacuum Sealer that Scott used
πŸ‘ Vacuum Bags
πŸ₯ BONUS Sous Vide

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0:48 – Turn the whole chicken over and remove both of the chicken wings. Don’t cut the breast.
1:19 – Make a small incision, then break both chicken thighs. Remove the thighs.
2:56 – Follow the inside of the fat line to carve the chicken breast the entire way around the chicken. You’ll be able to remove the entire bone-in portion of the chicken and be left with 2, nice, boneless, skin on chicken breasts.
5:04 – On the drumstick side of the fat line, cut the bone in chicken thigh from the chicken drumstick.
5:32 – To make chicken wings, cut along the inner joint for Buffalo Wings.
5:55 – Use the chicken carcass to make chicken stock (broth)
6:42 – How to vacuum pack a whole chicken.
8:14 – How to vacuum pack chicken wings.

24 Replies to “How to Butcher a Chicken | The Bearded Butchers!”

  1. I was at Costco yesterday. It’s actually cheaper to buy a cooked whole rotisserie chicken then it is to buy a whole raw chicken, at Costco anyway. I was bummed because was thinking the raw bird would have been cheaper.

  2. Just roast your carcasses and veggies while you pack and label the the other stuff. I pack my stock in quart bags frozen flat on a sheet pan. Not wasting room with carcasses and your stock will already be done.

  3. Is there any easier way to remove the feathers from goose ?would you make ah quick video on that ?

  4. Well, that chicken looks so freakin big and fat that IΒ΄m sure the amount of hormones would be quite toxic for anyone.

  5. Have you guys ever butchered a moose?? I hunt moose ever year but I'm no where near your guys level at butchering

  6. Always end up smoking or grilling full chicken. Might need to try to cut one up.

  7. Wow that curve knife is nice, the way you handle the bird look clean and no damage to the carcass.

  8. Oh, that kind of chicken. I thought you were referring to a Liberal.

  9. I've heard of mountain oysters but I didn't know chickens had oysters also.

  10. I’ve butchered thousands of chickens over my years as a chef.
    A couple of tips for the amateur.
    The way this is done is very well done and I agree with the method, but for amateurs it might be easier to cut breasts off from the top of breast bone at cartilage this way you don’t have to worry about a bit of cartilage to remove after you pull it off the bone.
    And yes I agree with the person who suggests flipping the cry o vac bag down. I flip it twice over about 1.5 inches to ensure the top stays clean to ensure a good seal.

  11. Hey guys, when you get your 2 million subscribers, can you please shave your beard?

  12. @bearded butchers, I travel to Ohio a few times a year for work. I'm gonna visit on one of these trips. Are you guys in the shop or never to been seen?

  13. I don't remember when my mom stopped buying whole chickens (we use to raise them before she started buying them) and butchering them herself. It was probably around the early 70's. Back then I didn't pay attention to what she did in the kitchen and that's my loss. I tried to correct that later in life but we ran out of time. I'd rather butcher myself than buy parts. My brother-in-law pointed out that the "reason" for selling chicken parts is that sometimes a commercial chicken will have damage (infection, bruise, whatever) and it can't be sold whole. I have no idea if that's true but I think it's plausible. I'm happy to see that that I'm not the only one that has "tested" the vacuum sealer lol

  14. Damn good knife skills and thanks for the video it was very helpful πŸ‘

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