How to Control the Temperature / Heat on a Weber Kettle Grill – Part 2, High Temp Cooks

If you’re having trouble zeroing in on a targeted temperature range at the beginning of a cook, then maintaining the temp that you want throughout the cook, this is the method I use. If it works for me, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you.

If you want to give this method a try on a 350 degree cook, the amounts of charcoal shown below should burn out to 1.25-1.5 hours before the temp starts to drop.

• Fuel Supply (unlit coal): 70
• Heat supply (hot coal): 55-60 coal
• Place hot coal in a pile on top of the unlit coal
• Vent Setting Top: 2/3 open
• Vent Setting Bottom: Fully open
• After the lid is placed on the grill allow 15-20 minutes for the grill to come to temp.
• Clean grates and place meat on grill.
• After placing the lid back on the grill the temp should stabilize in 15-20 minutes. Fine tune the temp if needed using the top vent to 350 degrees.

Click link below to watch my video on controlling temps on low and slow cooks.

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13 Replies to “How to Control the Temperature / Heat on a Weber Kettle Grill – Part 2, High Temp Cooks”

  1. One thing that I’ve learned is that if I need to add charcoal, and I usually do, I add it after I’ve fired it up in the chimney starter. If I don’t do this and add the briquets straight from the bag, I get lots of black smoke and makes my food taste bad. Using the chimney starter eliminates this and gives me a clean burn. Any thoughts on this?

  2. great video. I have an issue which i dont know how to solve. if i want to go from a low and slow cook (minion method) to a high heat indirect cook. is this posible to achieve without adding new lit coals? the temp seem to climb up really slow when i just open the bottom vent fully. thanks in advance for your help. kind regards

  3. Very helpful vid for this newbie!! 15-20 mins usually for any interaction. and the startup too. counted the coals, then added hot… Thx!!

  4. Great video sir thank you I will try this on my smoky mountain weber thank you

  5. If I wanted to keep a 275-325 temp for a prime rib roast. I would need it to last at least minimum 4-5 hrs any tip or videos you have

  6. I would love to hang out with you and just pick your brain and taste your food!! You are the best!!

  7. hi, i used weber charcoal. 20 pieces, 8 pieces chicken. after 40 minutes the heat is gone under 100 . my chicken needed more 10 min. when the ash cool down then i see half of the coal was burnt halfway. why heat went off before the charcoal burnt completely? vent was open till heat goes down to under 200 then i closed the vent because i need more heat but bad luck finally heat is gone . chicken was not bbq it was like baked.

  8. I use cowboy lump charcoal. Does the heat control stay the same as with the Kingsford briquetts?

  9. Brilliant!Thanks to you, I realize that I have been using my weber grill completely wrong for 30 years… I have constantly struggled with starting out with the grill at 500° and then trying to bring that down and having the heat run out before I was done cooking… thanks for making me feel foolish, but
    more than that Thank You for showing me the right way to do it. Done it twice in the past two nights and it works perfectly and I am very happy

  10. Awesome and thank you. I just subscribed. I have a large Weber grill and never used the thermometer, thought it was just a cute add on. I just started the charcoal in a chimney, threw it onto the grill grate and put the meat on the cooking grate, cover on; and that was it.

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