How To Cope And Install Baseboard Trim Video

Dewalt Miter Saws

Visit my websire for more how-to tips. I show how to cope an inside 90 degree corner and install baseboard trim.

24 Replies to “How To Cope And Install Baseboard Trim Video”

  1. Thanks for posting this, answered my questions. I'll echo the thanks for the sandpaper trick – well done!

  2. This method definitely looks better than miter. Just takes more time I guess. Well, after a while I suppose you can get pretty efficient at it.

  3. Freaking awesome! Where does one get "sticky sandpaper"? Both the sand paper and the use the miter saw to make the cut 90% of the way or so is also genius. Thank you! I'm going to go buy a coping saw.

  4. I wish this video was in HD, but good information and camera angles thank you sir!

  5. Loved that trick with sticky sandpaper on the scrap to adjust it perfectly! Thanks for sharing

  6. After reading several online diy websites with 1990s graphics, Roy finally helped me the process. Thank you sir.

  7. Thanks Roy great tips on doing my base board and coping saw works great thanks again

  8. Thanks Roy, helps me with problems I'm having. I agree with Lord Shin and others, the sandpaper idea is great.

  9. love that tip with the sticky sandpaper on the scrap piece. priceless advice! this is my 5th video and you are the only one to offer that tip!

  10. you got my sub for the trick with the sand paper. why work hard when you can work smart!

  11. Using the miter to cut the straight section is a fantastic tip! Sandpaper on scrap is also excellent.

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