How to create AdSense Ad Units & Make Money For Beginners

As an AdSense beginner who just applied for an AdSense account or just got their AdSense account approved, you need to create an AdSense ad to add on your blog.

In this video, you will learn how to create an AdSense ad. You can create ad fro any size & my recommendation for you is to create a responsive ad unit. This way your ad will appear perfectly on all screen sizes.

Once you have created an ad unit, you need to add it on your blog. For BlogSpot, you can edit your template or add it using the widget. For WordPress bloggers, there are various plugins which you can use to add AdSense.

Here are some of the best plugins:

4 Best AdSense Plugins For WordPress To Integrate AdSense with WordPress

Here is a starter guide for AdSense:

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28 Replies to “How to create AdSense Ad Units & Make Money For Beginners”

  1. Sir. Please upload a video regarding the types of Ads available on Adsense and which is more preferable and good for the public.

  2. Great video. Question: Under My Ads I clicked on URL channel and typed in my YouTube Channel's URL. Does You Tube automatically place Ads on my videos? Or do I have to direct traffic to my channel and Youtube places the ads on them for me?

  3. How many time taken to active new add, I have such a 6 to 7 ad unit and they are used in blog but non of one is now active still 1month

  4. what is the difference between ad unit and custom channels?
    And when i first make my adunit google ask to place add unit code to jst in <head> tag. how will it work from there? what code should be placed on <body> tag for custom position of ad display?

  5. i wana ask we must create a new add unit on every new video uploaded, or just one add unit is enough

  6. Plz help me.
    I don't know how to paste it and where to paste it on wordpress website
    Google Adsense provide me a code and ask me to this…
    message from adsense – Reviewing your site will take up to 3 days. We'll email you when we've finished.
    Paste this into the HTML of your website, right after the <head> tag.

  7. how to add an ad on my youtube channel .?after i create an ad.? & where i paste the HTML code on youtube to see ad on my channel.?

  8. hi can u help me regarding placing an ad on my website. I have affiliated with a company they want me to put their banner on my website. How can I do that??

  9. I am a faily new blogger and everytime I search youtube for a video related to blogging I always find myself on your page. You do really good videos keep it up!!!

  10. hello dude, i dont have a blog spot , only have a youtube channel, and already i have created the ad sense account, then how i can paste ads on my youtube videos, please help me in that

  11. just tell me one thing pease when you copy the link where should you paste it .thank u

  12. can u show further process after getting the code because i am new so i dont understand any thing about it please

  13. hi bro , my adsense account ads status can't change now only not active why ? plz answer me i waiting thanks 😀

  14. i got 36>10 dollars but adsence not asking me any tax information how to fix plz tell me?

  15. my ad units status: new , I implement my adsense code in php site, I got only empty space there is no adsense ad not show.

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