How to "Create Outlines" from a stroke (Outline Stroke). [Adobe Illustrator]

In this tutorial I show you how to create outlines from a stroke in Adobe Illustrator. This is when you need to add a gradient to a stroke, manipulate the edges of a stroke, make bolder text without the stroke outline etc. Whatever you need it for.

I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 in this video, but it will also work in most other versions such as Adobe Illustrator CC (creative cloud).

Thanks for watching 🙂

18 Replies to “How to "Create Outlines" from a stroke (Outline Stroke). [Adobe Illustrator]”

  1. What about if I have a line expanded and its become an outlined line ———. Can you make it into a stroke that would look like this ————– or will that just become a thin rectangle? I really need to reverse thick expanded lines back to strokes. Help!

  2. Thank you sir! your title should also be "how to convert paths/strokes into shapes". It took me a while to find this answer, thank you so much!

  3. Nice video, very in-depth and informative. I will definitely check out your other video guides!

  4. This is the kind of tutorials i like to see. Everything I wanted to know was laid out in 1:04 minutes. Short, clear, just what i needed. Thank you.

  5. Not Really nice way because all the effects disappears or get damaget. The best way still just to eraise the parts with Eraser Tool.

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