How to Cut Side Bangs with Regular Scissors Hair Tutorial l Cut Side Swept Bangs/Fringe at Home

In this hair cutting tutorial, I’ll show you how to cut your bangs at home by yourself. I’m using regular scissors and holding it vertically to make sure the cut is rigid and not blunt. This is an easy way to get side swept bangs/fringe without going to a hairdresser and you’ll save yourself time and money. It’s a simple and quick hair cutting process, and after several times, you’ll learn what works best and looks best for you hair. If you’re a beginner, then I would recommend cutting your hair when it’s dry rather than damp/wet. That way, you know for sure how your bangs will look and can adjust accordingly. I’m not a professional hairstylist by any means – this is just one of the ways I’ve cut my bangs and it works for me. You can check out my other bangs/fringe cutting tutorial below if you want to use a razor for an edgier/layered look instead. 🙂

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