How to do a handstand- Tutorial Hand Balance by Bboy Tales

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18 Replies to “How to do a handstand- Tutorial Hand Balance by Bboy Tales”

  1. You say this is how to do 'the proper handstand' and don't listen to anybody else? this is by no means the best teaching out there, so many more aspects of basic balance to adress. Tales stretch your shoulders so that you can open more that will suck out the arch in the spine.

  2. Very nice tutorial, but I find the straight back isn't stressed enough personally, and his handstand was slightly off  axis. He had very nice balance though, and is someone to learn from.

  3. its pretty funny but i can do it 😀 hurry up i trained 2 years handstand balancing

  4. i just love how u are so close to home teachin this stuff…i need to go to venice more often and hopefully meet this strength project group..really wanna pickup on bboying again..been like 15 years since i even tried..and funny cuz u can hear someone goin at it with the speed bag

  5. Just wondering whether the 38 dipshits who didn´t like the vid can perform it better. It helped me a lot to improve my handstand. 

  6. i was watching the video about doing backhand springs and he says you shouldnt be looking at your hands when you do it, rather keeping your ears where your arms are. how much does this change everything? is it easier/harder?

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