How to Do the Walk-the-Dog Yo Yo Trick

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This is one of the most famous classic yo yo tricks you can perform. It’s easy and always a hit.

Step 1: Throw a fast sleeper
Throw a fast sleeper to start the trick. Drop the yo-yo and don’t let it bounce and return to your hand after you drop it.

Step 2: Swing the yo-yo in front of you
Swing the yo-yo gingerly in front of you and set it lightly on the ground.

Avoid concrete and other rough surfaces that can damage your yo-yo. It’s best to use a wood floor or a floor with firm carpet.

Step 3: Let the yo-yo move
Let the spinning motion of the yo-yo pull it along the ground. If the yo-yo snaps back early, just try it again.

Step 4: Return the yo-yo
Return the yo-yo to your hand by giving it a quick jerk before it stops spinning.

Did You Know?
Did you know? It is believed that the yo-yo originated over 2,500 years ago in ancient Greece.

23 Replies to “How to Do the Walk-the-Dog Yo Yo Trick”

  1. Basic yoyo experiene

    hmm I guess

    Throw a fast sleeper

    Me looking at what he's doing: ;-; tries to copy

    Darn it. I broke my yoyo :<

  2. so this person is trying to say that our yoyo might be weak and might break on other floors….i can do better yoyoing….Up n down up n down….. 😀 😀

  3. it is a basic yoyo trick you need to learn to do a lot of other tricks

  4. Yo dawg, I heard yo' like yo-yos so we made a dog trick fo' yo' yo-yos so yo' and yo' dawgs can walk yo dog with yo' yo-yos, dawg.

  5. am i the only one who yo-yoed in gym class??.. thinking back its kinda depressing.

  6. I thought it was Bridget from Guilty Gear who first used a yo-yo as a weapon.

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