How to Draw Celtic Patterns 36 – Perfect Triskele (positive)

A very balanced Celtic Triskele knot aka ‘Triquetra’, is found in the union of three circles. Jason Bellchamber show how to draw a “perfect Triskele” using a compass, ruler, pencil, ink pens and an eraser. Symbolically the number 3 is a lucky number and is the most common motif in Celtic art. Skill Level 1/4.
A quick freehand way of drawing this triskele is here.

This design is used in a repeating pattern for a border here

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  1. mais ça, c'est facile. Ce qui est difficile, c'est de dessiner un triskell breton avec les trois spirales !! Mais ça … Saurais-tu le dessiner ? et nous montrer comment faire ? Ce serait bien !!!

  2. I have been watching all of your videos and doing one of your pictures every day. i am wanting to get good at art and i love celtic/nordic/viking desings and art and you are helping me do that, and I thank you very much. i cant wait until i get to the end, there seems to be many awesome desings i am excited to draw. if one day i am successful, I wil have you to thank, sir bellchamber! to Valhalla!

  3. My dad bought me a necklace from Ireland that look like that! My full name is also Irish and my last name is Celtic

  4. The ink pens are Staedtler Pigment liners 0.1-0.7mm then the thick one is a black 'Staedtler Calligraphy Duo Marker' .  Likely have to find them online in a mulitcoloured pack of 5.  They are really fun to draw with

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