How to Dress Trendy for Cheap | Where I Shop for Clothes

Hi friends! I wanted to give you guys tips on how to dress trendy for cheap. I understand a lot of you guys are on a budget, but still want rockin’ outfits. In this video I share my tips, favorite stores, and more! I hope you guys enjoy this video and let me know in the comments down below if you found it helpful! xoxo Danielle

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28 Replies to “How to Dress Trendy for Cheap | Where I Shop for Clothes”

  1. My husband would have a fit if I spend 15 dollars for a top or shorts. He tells me to tell his sister she can get that at a rummage sale. He used to tell me My mom can get you that at a yard sale but his mom is no longer with us.

  2. what kind of drugs are you on? leave the acting to Hollywood. you have interesting information but.. you clutter  up the message with bad body language. be more sincere, slow down…. and if you possibly can….just be yourself.

  3. Why Disco Like, Danielle I see her beautiful person and active . she have many skills . she need only the good word of you and encouragement for what she do.

  4. Forever 21 is for me 🙂 WITH 50 dollars I got 5shirts and a skirt!

  5. I love seeing the outfits you put together and post on Insta too. I think it's really great that you still buy inexpensive items when you could spend a lot. I wish I could actually wear these types of clothes tho. But as a teacher I try to make my weekend/"normal people clothes" over lap with my teacher appropriate clothes to save money lol

  6. You should do a "beauty video" for back to school. (Ootd,hairstyle,makeup,tips for school,etc😅)

  7. I agree!! Usually clothes on instagram are soo expensive! I usually shop at forever 21 and h&m because its not expensive and its the same (almost) things!! Its not everybody that will pay for thoses prices.. :')

  8. Love you ❤️and your videos 💗can you make a video about "2017 trends" 😘btw I love your style so much☺️

  9. This video really helped me out. Thx for your awesome tips and such. Keep doing vlogs because i love your vlogs because they really show how you do your days and how you spend your time aswell.

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