How To Drill Longer Stock On The Drill Press

A simple way to set up your drill press for drilling longer pieces, like table legs.
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28 Replies to “How To Drill Longer Stock On The Drill Press”

  1. John, I had great difficulty today drilling at the end of four boards, so I decided to look it up on yt and voila !!! Tomorrow I have to drill another four boards, but instead of 2 hours it will take me 5 minutes. As usual, thanks a lot.

  2. I hate the incredible simplicity of this, and that fact that I WAY overthought what I was trying to do!!! Thanks John, good vid as always

  3. thank you for sharing. For some reason I thought "ca" meant California. It never entered my mind ca was for Canada (long standing land of vacations). Be well and have a nice day. bye

  4. I made a mini gouge out of a piece of scissor blade and a 6 inch piece of dowel and used this tip to help drill 3 3mm holes in the end for the blade. Very pleased with the results. Thank you.

  5. yes I have done similar movements..I have the tabletop style drill press and when I want to drill long stock I have to drill off-off center of my table to reach the long stock..good idea ..great website..just remember to keep safe!!

  6. Good tip John. Done that many times. Even swing the head around and drill even longer stock, down to the floor.

  7. Its so simple but great idea!!! Thanks john for sharing your videos with us. You are a great guy and my "mentor"

  8. Ya know, it's the small, simple little "DOH!" type tips and tricks that everyone could have known but didn't that I love the most. This one just kind of slapped me gently about the head and shoulders while doing the "DOH!" dance…

    Thanks again, John!

  9. John, perhaps the best way is to insure you have a backstop on your drill press table that is strong enough to clamp long stock to.  Then you'd always be set to go with long stock drilling.  Thanks for pointing out that there is an easier way than literally lowering the table.

  10. What the heck!  Why have I been spending 10 minutes (slight exaggeration) cranking the frigging table up and down or drilling a "good enough" hole with a hand drill?

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