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It’s true: Reducing your meat and dairy intake can reduce your impact on climate change. NYT columnist Melissa Clark shows you how to do it deliciously, with new recipes like this Mushroom Bourguignon.


Mushroom Bourguignon:

Indian Butter Chickpeas:

Maple Roasted Tofu With Butternut Squash and Bacon:

Meatless Meatballs in Marinara Sauce:


Your Questions About Food and Climate Change, Answered:

The Meat-Lover’s Guide to Eating Less Meat:


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30 Replies to “How to Eat Less Meat | Melissa Clark | NYT Cooking”

  1. This is sometimes called a "Reducitarian diet."
    The highest impact version of that diet would be to boycott beef and dairy, since raising cows has the biggest environmental impact.

  2. I have really loved Melissa Clark's vegetable-forward options and have wanted to make this recipe for a long time.

  3. I tend to avoid dairy most of the time so that's easy to avoid. I don't eat beef much because it's too tough for me ususally. I do however love other kinds of meat and fish. I usually keep a 60/40 rule. Let's be realistic, most people in the world do not want their whole plate to be covered in veggies and have a small portion of meat on the side.

  4. “I am a committed carnivore…and I think we should all be eating a lot less meat”

    Total respect. You can be a meat-lover and still admit cutting down on meat & dairy can still help so it’s worth doing it if you can. My diet has been pescetarian for years so i can eat eggs, dairy & seafood but I mainly eat plant-based because it’s what I prefer

  5. When I sauté mushrooms, I ask my, whoever is around in kitchen with me, if they can hear the birds, like dawn chorus, maybe, or babies calling mamma for their breakfast worms…it's soo nice ????????

  6. It’s a mental lesson convincing some that a meatless meal is indeed a meal. I’ve succeeded with my black bean burgers, and I think your mushroom stew might do if I add something with more chew to it. Maybe a sprinkling of toasted garbanzos or butter beans on top will do the trick.

  7. First off, I love the simplicity of the 80/20 rule concept! I love meat too but find that I tend to eat too much of it which hinders my fat loss goals. So I am looking to find a balance where I can make veggies and plant-based foods a priority while not eliminating meats entirely, just reducing my intake for health reasons. I also find that when I eat less meat I tend to have more energy and smoother bowel movements.

  8. Im not motivated by the environment ???? but healthwise yes. I cut back alot, still eat dairy, occasional chicken or seafood, but try not to eat red meat

  9. New Year’s Resolutions are so stuck in the Before Times. Can everyone burnt out in late 2021 please shout, “Oh my sweet summer child”?

  10. I have a 50/50 rule right now. I mix half my protein with half another meatless protein

  11. The livestock and CO2 conflict is far too misunderstood. Whatever your arguments against eating animals, CO2 is not one.

  12. Nice recipe and info, but tasting from the utensil and returning it to the pot, very unsanitary as well as dangerous! Thank you

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