How to find your style in 2018.


Whats up guys today I have a video about my style and style in general. Style is kind of an interesting topic and I think the concept of having a personal style will continue to get more popular in 2018. I also talk about my personal style and how its been changing, LOVE U

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  1. Style comes from your own personality, interests, ideas..what cultures and movements have inspired you.

    I'm into punk, experimental art and music, scifi…my dress style reflects that and I put my own twist on it. That's why I wear damir, boris, odeur, zam, lumen et umbra, LnF…I would buy enfin leve, cold wall, maybe even cav empt…just buying clothes for the sake of buying clothes isnt very stylish no matter how expensive the piece is

  2. I wouldn't know what to call my styleee 🤔🤔😂❣
    Peep the ig… 😩😩@tulaouji

  3. some of the biggest fashion youtubers got mad money but dont know how to dress like the BDY heavyweight category had Qias and Blazendary…thats jokes

  4. when he said "im not saying i know about style, but i have some ideas", i spit out my fucking cereal.

  5. This is so important!! Hype isn’t the only style that’s cool people need to wear what they actually want to wear not just what’s popular

  6. Restock the green hoodie online I’ve wore mine to the ground, pretty please?

  7. this the first time i seen this mans videos. he got the bag from dollar shave club. good shit. sub’d

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