How To Fix and Properly Install Screw In Drywall Anchors

It took me a few years to figure out why these screw in drywall anchors fail, but now I know and I’m happy to share!

Split Shank Screw in Anchors:
Flip out Toggle Bolts:

Canadian Links:
Flip out Toggle Bolts:

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14 Replies to “How To Fix and Properly Install Screw In Drywall Anchors”

  1. As a phone and cable contractor from the 90's through around 2015, I must have used 10k of these. Awesome anchors. Maybe 20 seconds longer to install than a standard molly, so why would you bother with the latter? I saw the same tip I use was already posted, but I'll repeat it. A #2 round shank Phillips screwdriver makes an absolutely quick and very clean pilot hole. If you are putting in a bunch at a time, you can quick-zap them in with a drill driver, but leave them proud of the drywall. Then come back with that #2 Phillips and bring them flush to the paper. I can't recall ever having one fail, or start spinning once the screw was home. Guess I was lucky? Always enjoy a notification of your newest video. Thank you brother. From all of us… you know who

  2. Where can I find toggle bolts like you show in stainless steel for use outside?

  3. Thanks for another really useful, and concise video. Is there a chance you could review vacuum hoses for track saws? I can't decide if I want to dump the cash into the festool hose that I see used in almost all track saw online content. The smooth outside covering looks like it works way better than the typical corrugated hoses that get caught up on stuff on the bench, and the way it wraps around the wrist looks super useful.

    I learned a ton from your recent video on vacuum bags and filters, and the one on air filters. Keep making these videos – your's are the best because you give examples from your own experience, which includes lived pro experience that is invaluable. But you also include pragmatic cost-value breakdowns that anyone (from home DIYers to pros) can use to make their own decisions. That's a really tricky balance to achieve – nice work.

  4. Yes and don't use power drills for everything. In my work, I sometimes meet clients who are watching and then ask: "Why don't you use a power drill." – Thinking that it would be quicker save time and reduce my charge for labor. I have a collection of power drills and an impact driver, always carry them with me, but for certain things, I stick to using my trusted and efficient Channellock ratching hand-screw driver. Much more feeling in my hand to avoid over-tightening anything.

  5. If I ever use those type of anchors I either hold them gently in a vise or a pair of grips and pre-screw the screws into them.
    That way when the anchors are in the drywall there's less chance of applying too much torque with the screwdriver.

  6. Snaptoggle for life! They’re unbeatable with up to 265lbs of capacity in 1/2” drywall. Worth the money. (Zip toggles are very similar) You’ll never use a regular toggle bolt again.

  7. Thank you for this, I had a set of curtains come with these style of anchors and the damn screws did not fit past 2/3 of the way in and after it got past a certain point the anchor got over turned and was useless. I'll be sure to buy my own from now on. As a follow-up, could you show if you use washers or something with that alternative anchor and how that could be used in real use case scenario's. Thanks

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